Friday, 10 January 2014

Tangle Teezer Review

Girls, you need this in your life!

I bought this baby from Boots and selected the pink colour because its just so cute!  It comes in a variety of colours and there are even smaller versions out now.  As the above photos show, I got the Original Tangle Teezer and I love it!

As most of you know, I love my hair and I'm mad about hair care.  This brush is great for natural hair and extensions.  I've used this brush on my natural hair and with my extensions (weave, clip ins, micro loops and keratin bonds) and it is 100%  worth the money as it is so easy to use.  'But all brushes are easy to use!' I hear some of you cry... Well, put simply, they aren't!  Especially if you have thick curly hair, have extensions in or have a mix of the two!  My hair gets pretty wild when it is wet or after a full day of wearing it down and the Tangle Teezer makes detangling so much easier.

The bristles are designed to detangle hair but not tug on it.  Tugging breaks and weakens the hair structure and c'mon ladies, nobody needs that!  This is especially important when you have extensions in as you dont want to put extra pressure on your hair (or the extension hair).

Plus, its so cute!  You really couldn't get a more girlie brush if you tried!  The shape of the brush is designed to fit perfectly in your hand too, so it is very easy to use.

I couldn't live without mine, everyone should have one in their lives!

Kirsty xox


  1. I don't think I could live without my tangle teezer!
    New follower
    Gold Dust

  2. I have just bought the compact one and i'm loving it! :) x

    Beth Tinkerbell

  3. My hair is proper breaking lately so I could excuse this purchase ;)

    Danniella x |

  4. I've been contemplating getting this, now after reading this I may get it! :)

  5. I've thought about buying it think I might now...great post babe!

  6. I love tangle teasers too, I have to blue one. We have amazing taste xxxxxxx (and they are great for brushing the corgies too. tally ho) xxxxxxx

  7. I really want a tangle teezer especially how I have thick hair :) this sounds amazing x


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