Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My Kindle Fire HD


So I got a new Kindle a little while ago!  I bought my first kindle around 2 years ago (the Kindle with the key board) and I actually adored it!  I wanted to upgrade to one of the newer ones with the backlight so my dad surprised me with the Kindle fire HD, I was so happy!  He spoils me so much, I'm really lucky. 

I've had it a couple of months now and I adore it even more than I adored my first one.  I love reading and this is the perfect eReader / tablet.  

It is quite lightweight (395g) and thin (10.3mm), so its easy to hold and doesn't get too heavy after reading a book for an hour.  It has a backlight so you can read in the dark, something that my old Kindle didn't have.  The HD holds thousands of books but takes up much less space than thousands of books would haha.  I think this is my favourite thing about eReaders, they cut down so much storage space!  I once had 2 massive storage boxes full of books but I've got rid of most of them as I don't need them any more.  I have the 32 GB HD but it is also available in 16GB.

The battery life lasts a long time, about 11 hours and is charged to full battery life within 4 hours.  I don't need to charge it up much which is a bonus, I find that it holds charge very well.

The Fire HD can also browse the internet, play movies, take photographs, store songs and photos, download apps and play audiobooks.  It also has a built in microphone and bluetooth function.  It's actually amazing!  I've downloaded a few apps so far, my favourites are Pinterest, Dragonstory and Youtube.

The set up is very easy to use; it has separate categories (Books, Music, Photos etc) so you can find whatever you are looking for quickly.  I love that it also tells you how much of a book you have read in percentage and even how long it will take you to read the rest of the chapter/whole book.

I'd highly recommend this to any book lover, it's 100% worth the money.  Thanks dad!



  1. It probably sounds old fashioned but I never thought I would prefer reading electronic books to a real one, but I love my kindle so much and it comes with me everywhere :o) Xx

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  2. I received the old Kindle Fire for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I put off getting one for so long because I really love books but it has been a revelation! x


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