Monday, 13 January 2014

Im off to Paris soon!

As some of my followers will already know, my best friend and I are going to Paris for 4 days in two weeks time and before I go I need some advice :)

All beauty bloggers know that France has amazing skincare and that a lot of it can only be bought in France (or online for twice the price).  As I have never tried any products exclusive to France I would like you all to tell me what I need to buy!

My skin is combination, oily t-zone and normal elsewhere.  I would like any advice on any skincare :)  and if there is anything that I must have from Sephora, then let me know that too!  My best friend has dry skin, so any suggestions for her would be welcome also.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!


  1. I bet you'll have an amazing time! Sephora do MUFE products. I know that's not exclusive to France but they're gorge and not sure if you've tried Bioderma before but def worth getting it's amazing and prob cheaper out there as well xxxxxx

  2. I don't know about French skincare, but Sephora's eyeshadows are really good - very pigmented and buttery soft. They often have 3 for two on the little nail polishes, and they're not half bad for 3/4€. Have fun! It's an amazing city


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