Friday, 3 January 2014

2014 Resolutions

While I'm not someone who believes that you can totally turn your life around because of the date on the calendar, I do like making resolutions that I know are do-able for me and my lifestyle.  

Here are my 14 resolutions for 2014!

1:  Keep spending more time with my family, especially the kids.  This was one of my resolutions last year and it was probably the one I did the most.  Buying a car last year made it much easier to visit family and I loved it!  Soppy, I know haha but I do love spending time with the children in my family.

2.  Go out more with friends.  This was another one of my 2013 resolutions.  I did go out more towards the end of the year, mostly for dinner & drinks with friends and it made me so much happier.  I think as you get older it gets harder to see friends a lot so this is definitely going to be one of my main resolutions again!  Specifically, I'd like to go out dancing more with my friends.

3.  Graduate!!!  Due to family events last year I didn't finish my uni exams & therefore I didn't graduate.  This year I really want to graduate and decide what to do with my life!

4.  Complete a dressmaking course.  I did a basic sewing course at the end of 2013 to get me prepared for the dressmaking class.  I've put a deposit down on a course starting in February which will learn me how to alter and make my own clothes.  So, I'd like to complete it and learn a lot of new skills.

5.  Dress better.  I feel like I live in my plain black leggings and hoodies, even though I have loads of beautiful clothes in my wardrobe.  I don't want to look like I'm going to a party 24/7 but I would like to glam myself up more.

6.  Get more tattoos.  I feel like I know what I want now and I have loads of ideas up my sleeve!  Can't wait, I'm finally beginning to feel comfortable in my own skin.  Last year my body confidence went up loads and this year I want to keep going!

7.  Keep to my gym routine.  I recently started a proper gym routine and stopped just aimlessly working out.  I'd like to stick to it and work on the parts of my body that I'm not happy with.

8.  Travel to a few more places.  I have a few days in Paris booked for the end of January and a few trips to Manchester planned.  This is great and I can't wait!   I'd like to add more to the list if I can.

9.  Become less of a hoarder / more of a minimalist.  I have such a problem with this one, especially with clothes, shoes and bags!  I want to get to a point where my wardrobe isn't crammed with stuff.  I got slightly better last year but just not enough.  I'll nail it in 2014!

10.  Be a bit more patient.  Patience is not something I am blessed with but I would like to get better!

11.  Write more.  I have so many ideas in my head but never get round to writing them all done, this year that will all change!

12.  Learn Spanish.  This has been on my list for years and it still keeps popping up!  Its just so bloody hard, it is taking me a while to get there haha!

13.  Start saving some money!  I am so bad at keeping money in my bank haha it burns a hole in my pocket... But there is a few things I want to save for so I better start!

14.  Be happier!  Simple!  I tend to worry about things and this year I'm going to try and let it all go.  Happiness is key!

What about yours?  Do we have any matching resolutions?



  1. Great goals, hope you have an amazing time in Paris! I definitely need to be more adventurous with what I wear too, I always wear the same old stuff, bleeeh. Happy new year!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Great resolutions! I've only made one "life" one, which is to get a new job, but reading posts like these make me realise that there's so much more I should resolve to do this year!
    The dressmaking course sounds fab. xx


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