Monday, 30 December 2013

The Glasgow Bloggers Christmas Party

This post is a bit late but better late than never!

The Glasgow bloggers had a meet on 10th December, all arranged by Paula and Scott.  It was such a great night! 

It was held at October in the city centre and there was quite a crowd of us!   I couldn't believe how many people turned up.  I'll admit it, there was a lot of bloggers I hadn't heard of before but it was nice meeting new people.  It was also nice meeting people I thought of as 'twitter friends' - aka, the people you talk to loads but have never met in real life. 

It was a great night, something different but I enjoyed it!  It wasn't as daunting as I thought it would be, it was my first blogger meet and I was quite nervous. Thanks to Jennifer who met me before hand so I wouldn't be alone walking in!  It was lovely meeting Jennifer, Alana, Morag and Paula in particular as I do speak to them loads online and I am a big fan of their blogs. 

The night consisted of drinks, a raffle and a secret Santa.  My secret Santa was lovely, I got a little Santa box with chocolate, nail polish and a baby lips in it.  My first baby lips!  Thank you to whoever chose the presents :)

Here are some photos of the night:

How festive do we all look in our Christmas jumpers?  Can't wait till the next meet!


  1. Aww that looks like so much fun! I think my 2014 resolution should be to make it to at least one blogger meet in the year, I always wimp out or am too busy. x

    1. Awh you should go! This was my first one but it was so fun! xox

  2. Hahahaha freekin love u doll, belter night xxxx

    1. hahaha I love you too hen! Need another yin soon xxxx

  3. Aw you def don't look like you all just met haha! I'd love to get involved in a meet - I'm more of a lifestyler than a fashion or beauty lass though! Is there a mix? xx


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