Monday, 16 December 2013

The Christmas Bucket List Tag

The beautiful Hayley tagged me to do this post :) The past couple of years I have been busy with uni exams or work so this year I plan to enjoy myself!  My exams are after Christmas this year so I will need to study a little but I can have fun too.

How cute is my Goldy at Christmas?  I miss her so much!  Gona get Blu a little Christmas hat this year :)

1:  Id love to spend more time with the kids in my family.  Some of them are still really young so I was thinking of making some Christmas fairy cakes with them :)  I think they'd enjoy that.

2:  Read loads!  I have about 70 books on my kindle which are still waiting to be read so I'll have a bash at finishing a few!

3:  I cant iceskate but this year I'd like to at least *try* the ice rink in George Square!

4:  Go out for drinks and dinners with my friends.  Tis the season to get fat haha!  Where is the harm in overindulging for a few nights?

5: I have bought some fabric to make my family some Christmas stockings so I would like to get all of that sewing done while I listen to some Christmas music.

6:  Relax!  I'm usually running around at the last minute trying to buy presents but this year I want them all in early so I can chill out with my family and friends.

I tag all of my readers to do this :) let me know if you do!


  1. Awwww Goldy is soooo cute! Can't wait to see Blu with her Christmas hat. I have nothing on my Xmas bucket list cos I'm gonna be working, even Xmas eve and Boxing Day. Tally Ho! xxxxxxxxx

    1. She was my baby, miss her so much! Awh thats shit, at least youll have loads of money on payday! #TallyHo xxxxxxxx


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