Friday, 6 December 2013

My week in Manchester


I just spent the week in Manchester and I absolutely loved it!

Manchester if my favourite English city, if you haven't been then I'd really recommend it!  The people are so friendly, there is so much to see and do, and they have the best accents ever!  Seriously, I love the accents.  Blame my love for Noel Gallagher haha!

I went down with my best friend Lorraine and stayed with her Aunt.  It was so fun!

While we were down we spent time with Lorraines Aunt and cousins, which was so nice because I hadn't seen them in ages!  We visited The Trafford Centre, Bury Market and the German Christmas Market.  I also got a tattoo :) I lasted 7 hours, I'm a tank!  A tank in a lot of pain... Absolutely fantastic week, I'm so gutted that I am home!  I love the Trafford Centre a bit more every time I visit, definitely going to save up and go on a massive shopping spree!

I think I love Manchester as it reminds me a lot of Glasgow, my home city.  Only, those guys have better accents haha! 

I'm actually a bit gutted to be back but I did miss my bed... Counting the days till I go back!


  1. hmmm can we say cute tattoo artist?? lol cute pics babe xx

  2. Love the tattoo, which studio was it? I still need to head down to Manchester Christmas Markets this year

  3. Unfortunately I've never been to Manchester but I definitely want to go. In fact I'd love to go anywhere in England but probably won't for some time. One day! Totally because of the accents haha and how beautiful it looks at Christmas time. In Australia we have Christmas in the Summer so no Christmasy sweaters or socks and definitely no snow! What'd you get your tattoo of? I'd love to read a post about the experience and the inspiration behind it :)

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