Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My Christmas and birthday


Hiya lovelies!

How did your Christmas go?  Mines was great :) as normal I spent it with my nearest and dearest, and it was lovely.  My dad is home from work for a full 5 weeks so I've loved spending so much time with him.  It was my birthday on the 22nd too so I had a double celebration :)  my birthday was another quiet day spent with my loved ones.  Its unusual for my dad to be home on my birthday and Christmas so I wanted my special days to be quiet and simple.

I love reading the 'what I got for Christmas' posts so here is mine!  I was spoilt rotten this year, thank you to everyone who got me presents <3 I love and appreciate each and every one.

Here is my Birthday stuff <3

 Blackmilk Lord of the Rings dress ::  Leopard print dress

 Owl Print scarf :: Sheldon Bobble head :: Pocket Mirror

 Along came Betty items ::  Liz Earl items 

 Angel cards :: Game of Thrones Book

 Beauty items :: Yankee candle

 Perfumes <3 :: Chanel :: Versace :: Moschino

 New charm for my bracelet

 Ted Baker gift box


 Wedge Trainers

I also got money, which paid for my trip to Paris next month :)

And here is my Christmas stuff <3

 Dove Set :: Perfume Set

 Lynx set :: Vaseline Set :: Watch :: Kelly Brooke Nail Polish

 Mark Hill Blonde Hair Gift Set :: Tresemme Hair Set

 Soap and Glory items

 Soap and Glory Body Mist :: Earrings :: Mascara :: Nail Polish :: hair Oils

 Fairy Book Ends :: Fairy Wall Decoration

 Fairy and Angel books

 Batman leggings :: Star Wars leggings

 Jimmy Choo Perfume :: DKNY Perfume 

 Ugg Bailey Button 

 Owl Cushion :: Slippers

 Purse :: DKNY Perfume :: Wall Decoration :: Makeup brushes

 Body Shop Gift Set :: Russian Doll Bubble Bath :: Yankee Candle :: Wolf Trinket 

 Sleek Brow Kit :: Fox Jewellery Holder :: Eye shadow palette

 Hat :: Clutch bag

 Lord of the Rings  Blu Ray :: Blackmilk Lord of the Rings dress

 Lush Gift Set :: Green Day Photo 

Nike trainers, go these with the money my Mum gave me 

Thigh tattoo paid for by my dad

Links of London Charm, still to be added to my bracelet because Ive ran out of attachment rings!
I also ordered two more charms & attachment rings with my Christmas money

Absolutely love everything!  I'm such a lucky girl :) <3
I hope everyone reading this had a happy and blessed Christmas <3


  1. Oh my gosh, where to start, your love for fairies and all things spiritual or the fact you have the best onesie, as its shorts! :) haha i love that you have two lord of the rings dresses, they are literally too cool for words and the game of thrones book you have, my sister bought the harry potter version for herself! :) haha You are going to paris and this makes me well excited for you, and i love the fact your daddy paid of the thigh tat! :) which looks so amazing, the detail in that is incredible! :)

    LOVED this post!


    1. Awh I do love all things spiritual, its so interesting! The dresses are great arent they haha I'll put up an outfit post when I wear them! And thanks babes, the tattoo isnt finishes yet but I love it already! xoxox

  2. Oh wow! I hope you had an amazing time, you got some gorgeous things! Especially love those LOTR dresses! And you're tat is lovely! :D happy Hogmanay! Xx

    1. Thanks love, I had a great time! Me too, so excited to wear them out! Thank you :) can't wait to finish it xox

  3. You got a Frederick too! (The owl cushion, yes I named him. Hahahaha)
    Fabby haul girl, I'm heavy lusting after pretty much all of it!


  4. Those things are amaaaazing! When I saw the picture of the first Lord Of The Rings dress I was like "wait a minute... this looks like Middle Earth!" :)
    That Yankee candle smells so lovely! ♥


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