Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Aahhhhh it is almost that time of year again! Halloween :)

Halloween, people either love it or hate it - with a passion!

I adore Halloween. I've always loved it. I'm such a wee horror freak! I love horror all year round but at least everyone else joins me on Halloween haha.

What are you going as this year?  Over the years I've been a lot of characters. Want a peek?  Over the next few posts I am going to show you some costume and makeup ideas.  Some of the costumes will be home made and some will be shop bought.  I love a wee bit of DIY!

I wish Halloween was a week long thing, not only 1 day!!  JUST THINK OF ALL THE COSTUMES!!

Sometimes I do just randomly dress up though... My 21st was in December and it was fancy dress. Any excuse ;)  I went as Batwoman and my friends came along as other characters.  It was a great night!  Who says fancy dress should only be allowed at Halloween?

As well as dressing up, I also love watching horror films... But that's not new to me, I do that all the time. Just call me the scream queen ;) And Pumpkins!!!  I adore carving pumpkins.  And candy apples!!  And chocolate apples!!  And the monster mash song!! 

Can you tell I like Halloween?  I hope you guys like my Haloween series!


  1. I only started getting into Halloween once I got to uni as fancy dress is a huge thing there xD I've dressed as Batgirl but would love to dress as Batwoman one day like you have :3 I've also dressed as Nyancat, Hitgirl and The Comedian from watchmen. I'm currently thinking of dressing up as a half-arsed Ursula this year xD Looking forward to seeing your Halloween posts :3

  2. I love Halloween so much as well! hope you'll check out my halloween posts, if you like at ♥


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