Monday, 12 August 2013

Style Crush: Sookie Stackhouse edition

I've done a previous post on Anna Paquins style, found here if you fancy a look, but today I want to talk about her True Blood character Sookie Stackhouse.

I love Sookie.  I love the show and the books, and I think she is as cute as a button. She is always so feminine looking, a true Southern belle!  I love looking at her outfits and taking inspiration from them.

I love her hair but of course I would, she's a bottle blonde just like me haha.  Her hair is always much sleeker than mine though!  And I adore the sun dresses she wears.  She has a beautiful figure and they compliment her perfectly.  I wish Scotland had Louisianas heat so I could wear things like this!  And the accent because I love love love it!

I think the thing I love most about Sookies outfits are the way they are so tailored to fit her hourglass figure.  They nip in at her small waist, are fitted around her chest and flare out at the hips.  Perfect!!  I have an hourglass figure myself, albeit a little larger than Sookies, and I think it is hard to find clothes that compliment it.  I really wish I knew where her wardrobe comes from because I probably would buy it all!

Do you like Sookies style?  Or is it a bit too girlie for you?

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  1. Don't even get me started on this subject! I totally agree, she may have the best fitting clothing on TV!


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