Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Shopaholic tag

I was nominated to do this tag by the lovely Missy and I really loved her answers!

1.) How old were you when you realised you were a shopaholic?
I was quite young, my dad always gave me pocket money as a kid and from about 13 I saved it up and went on a shopping spree every so often.  Old habits die hard haha!
2.) How do you feel after shopping, and do you have any weird habits you do after shopping?
I always feel happy after shopping!  Doesn't everyone?!  I don't think its weird but I do like getting everything out of the bags and having a good look at all of the stuff I bought.  Is it just me, or sometimes does it feel that things look slightly different at home? 

3.)What are your top 5 favourite stores to shop at and why?
Um...  River Island, H&M, Schuh, Primark and Republic.
4.) What item do you have the most of in your closet?
Leggings.  I've got about 20 pairs of black leggings alone and loads of patterned ones too.  I have about 100 shoes/boots/trainers etc but they are all different so it doesn't count!
5.) Whats the most you have ever spent on 1 shopping trip?
Probably about £1000 I think.  Which isn't bad compared to others!
6.) Do you ever experience shoppers regret?
Sometimes but if I am not happy with an item I just take it back.
7.) What was something you regretted buying?
Various shoes.  I've brought them home and not worn then because they aren't comfortable, so they just sit in my wardrobe.  Waste of money!  I have stopped doing that though, thankfully.  I'm trying to just wear the shoes I have already.
8.) What is your favorite thing to buy?
Boots!  I'm a boots girl.  I love boots sooo much haha.

9.) Do you buy the same items in different colors?
All the time!  If I like something I buy it in all the colours I like and normally get a few blacks, as I love black clothes. Even during summer.  I'm not even sorry.
10.) Do you ever use dressing rooms?
Not usually, I hate them!  I just don't feel like I'm dressed right afterwards!  I spend the rest of the day feeling a bit disheveled.

11.) Do u prefer to go shopping alone, or with others?... and who is your favorite shopping buddy?
I usually go shopping alone or with my best friend Lorraine. Or sometimes with my friend Cat after uni.  I don't usually like going with anyone else because I am very indecisive and like to have a wander around the shops!  And not everyone likes that....

12.) If you could go shopping with a Celeb who would it be and why?
Kat Von D or Kelly Osbourne just cause they are beautiful.
13.) If you could go shopping with a Blogger/Youtube guru who would it be and why?
I wouldn't... sorry.  Most fashion bloggers have very different tastes to me.  And 'Guru'? Please.  They are just normal people with a lot of followers.  I'd go shopping with some of the blogging girls I know though!  
14.) Whats your favorite, treat, snack, drink during or after shopping?
Depending on the weather, I love strawberry milkshakes or a Costa hot chocolate.  And I always get a McDonalds!
15.) What is something you have always wanted to buy but never had the money to do so?
There are a few designer bags and boots I would like.  Its ok, I'll be a scientist soon and buy them then haha.
16.) If you had £1000 to spend on anything you want, what would you splurge on?

17.) Are you a proud shopaholic?
I am :) I don't think there is anything wrong with me spending my own money on myself!



  1. Hahaha I agree how things look different at home! Pretty interesting tag! :D

    1. Sometimes they look like a totally different item haha! thanks love! x

  2. lovely post xx

  3. Hahahaha I'm always sooo happy when I shop too!!

    1. Its the simple things in life, isnt it Jess haha xox

  4. Looved reading your answers! You and me have LOADS of similarities :)

  5. Really loved your answers :)
    I also for instance think that everything looks different at home and I sometimes even forget what I buy (yes I have a problem) :D

  6. I love leggings- I keep buying and buying, can never have enough! Lol at the your guru answer- so true! They are just normal people- guru makes me think of A holistic healer


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