Friday, 5 April 2013

No7 Brow Pencil Review

I purchased this brow pencil from Boots on a whim since I had a £5 off No7 gift voucher.  It retails at £8 so I got it for £3.

Up until about 9 months ago I had dark brown through my fringe so I dyed my brows to look a little darker, but now I'm all blonde again it would look too silly, so I wanted to go back to using a pencil.  
My natural hair is a really light brown and my brows are fair so an average brown Brow pencils look a bit daft on me, which is why I chose the blonde colour. 

When applied, it lasts the whole day and does a decent job of defining my brows.

I think it is maybe a little too light, just slightly, but if I blend the pencil out with my finger a bit it looks ok.  Not something I would use everyday, but I would use it if I had nothing else.  I probably wouldnt repurchase as I now have a Smashbox powder that fits me perfectly but it was only £3 so its not like I wasted a lot of money.  



  1. I think its always better to use a lighter colour as it cant be dark then and for your brows it looks like a great tone as its quite ashy

    1. Yes thats true! Id always go slightly lighter if I couldnt get a colour to match. Plus the price is fab! xox

  2. I love No7 for their good products at fab prices. I also had a few of the £5 off vouchers and got a few creams as they were for skin care, but you can't go wrong. £3? That's a bargain ha ha. It's always harder to do your brows with blonde hair, but I've got platinum blonde hair and I still use dark powders and pencils as I like a strong defined brow, but it's all about what you think looks good and what you like. Plus, natural hair colour!

    Your hair looks fab too, very nice warm tone.
    Lots of love ❤

    1. Me too! I love the vouchers but Im gutted they no longer cover the makeup range! Yeh I think with blonde hair you have to tread carefully haha and with my brows being so light, Id look daft with really dark brows penciled on top haha. Awh thanks chick! <3 xoxx

  3. £3 is amazing with those vouchers.. I think we all stock up when those vouchers do the rounds :D xxx

  4. Hello dear :) nice your blog and cute review, now I follow you with pleasure on GFC and Bloglovin! you expect from me if you like :)

    Kiss Tea.

  5. Great post!! good to see reviews on things that wouldn't be repurchased!! The eylure pencils are good too. M x


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