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Cosmetic Surgery - For or Against?

I love discussing this subject as everyone has different opinions and reasons behind them!  Its always interesting and for the most part, it can be quite funny to find out what people would get / have had / would never get.

So, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!  Not literally haha, but you know what I mean.

I am all for it!  Definitely!  But, I do think there are limits.  Look at Heidi Montag... she has went way too far.  So maybe surgery in moderation is what I am for?!

I am now at the ripe old age of 25, and my 25 year old self has a different image of ‘beauty’ than my 18 year old self did.
If I was rich at 18, without a shadow of a doubt, I would have had a boob enlargement, a nose job and liposuction.  In fact, I would have gave an arm and a leg for those things.  Here is why:

My boob enlargement:
Well, shit.  I don’t know where that came from.  I have always been a busty girl (for the record I'm a 34E / 34 F) and these bad boys came way before every other girl at school had any.  I have always struggled to find pretty little bras, and when I do they cost me a fortune.  So I have no idea why I wanted them bigger.  Young and dumb I suppose?  Not that 18 year olds are dumb, but my 18 year old self definitely was haha!  Now, unless I dropped a massive amount of weight, I wouldn’t get them bigger.  I get a lot of back pain already so bigger still would be mental.  Also, I’d be scared about the fact that they need re-done every ten or so years.

However, I have came to terms with the fact that I will get my chest done at some point.  If they get any bigger, I would think about a reduction because I don’t think my back could hold out.  If they don’t get bigger, I will definitely get an uplift when I’m older.  I don’t want them hitting off my knees!  I want to love my boobs no matter what age I am and I cant do that if I need to tuck them into my trousers…
So yes, joking aside, when I get older and gravity sets in I will be getting something done to them.

Nose job: 
I still dislike my nose.  It isn’t massive or anything but I have the same nose as most of the girls on my mothers side, and most of my cousins hate it too.  I don’t think I would ever get it done as the operation looks so brutal.  I do want it, I just don't know if I will get it.  Maybe though, who knows!

If I ever had a few children and my tummy didn’t snap back I’d think about a tummy tuck.  It is another procedure that looks brutal but still, I'd think about it.

I think that is about it…  Oh and botox.  I will get botox.  I don't wrinkles!

If my dad read this, he would KILL me.  He is very against surgery for vanity reasons.  So is my mum, but I think I could talk her round… Especially if I said my boobs were hurting my back because she knows this anyway.   But, I know if something went wrong they would think I only had myself to blame.  And its true.

There is a lot of risks that can go along with surgery and each procedure has it's own list of risks, every silver lining has a cloud right?
Last week I read about a Russian girl the same age as me,  who had a secret breast enlargement and died on the operating table.  She left behind a bewildered boyfriend and toddler.  Madness.  My heart breaks for all 3 of them.  I think my family would be forever angry with me if anything bad happened to me on the operating table.  So, surgery is not something I would go into lightly.
When the time comes, I would research everything possible and try to make the best judgement I could.

Saying that, I know many people who have had surgery and it has been a success.  One friend has had a breast reduction and another has had a nose job after he broke it.  Both were successful and they are glad they got it done.  I think this is my main argument for surgery, if you feel better and more confident after it then I am all for it.

I think too many people rush into it these days though, as it is so readily available.  General anesthetic terrifies me so I know it would take me a long time to come to a decision when I feel my body needs it - wanting surgery is one thing but getting surgery is another. 

I am just so glad I was poor when I was a teenager!

What do you think?



  1. I'm all for it if a person has a serious self esteem problem and feels it will make a person feel more confident. I'm not for it if the person is totally fine before it, but really just wants a certain celebrities nose! Lol! I always wanted a boob job. Not to go huge, but just to feel a bit more womanly with a size bigger. Great post dear! XO. Pip

    1. Yes I agree haha Apparently the most requested celeb nose is Angelina Jolie! Awh did you? I think you look great but if it makes you happy! thanks chick :) xox

  2. For myself, I'm completely against it and whilst it baffles me sometimes what people have done, I'm not here to judge them. I don't really know why I'm against it myself, to be honest I've got pretty rubbish body confidence and cannot stand my boobs but I guess I've managed to convince myself that it's my lot in life and to make the most of it!
    This is a great post to start a conversation going in the comments :)

    1. Thank you for being so honest :) a lot of people are against it but as long as they dont judge others then they are entitled to their opinion! Thanks love :) xox

  3. This was really interesting, nice to see someone so open about it x

    1. Thanks chick :) thought I'd be really honest, no point denying what I would like lol xox

  4. I'm all for it, if someone is really unhappy about how they look then why not do what they can to make themselves feel better? If i had the money I would have a boob reduction, an uplift and i'd get collagen in my lips coz they are so thing. Each to their own though, if people are against it then thats their opinion.


    1. Me too! I think really its nobody elses business! Yeh I would like those things too, maybe get my top lip done to match the bottom. If it makes a person happy then i dont see the problem. xox

  5. Not for me personally but if it will make someone feel happier and more confident for THEMSELVES then yes, do it.

    1. Thats a good way to look at it! A lot of people who dont want it automatically dont want anyone else to get it xox

  6. I'm on the fence. I think I'd be too scared to have anything done myself because I'm terrified of needles and operations!

    I definitely don't agree with teenagers having surgery though - there was an article in the paper recently about two teenage sisters that had over £20k worth of treatments each from the age of 15 which is just wrong, their bodies were still developing and changing and I find it incredible that anybody daring to call themselves a doctor would perform cosmetic surgery on a child! If it's to repair an injury or correct a health problem (such as a nose job to aid with breathing issues) then fine but a procedure purely for cosmetic purposes on someone so young does not sit well with me.

    That being said, for adults I think you should do whatever makes you happy and if that's a face lift and a boob job then go for it. As much as we'd all like to say how we look has absolutely no impact or bearing on how we feel or how we're perceived I'd be lying if I said it. If you're old enough to do it, understand it and pay for it then why not?!

    I used to work with a Dr who did botox and fillers. He'd initially trained as an optometrist which was where he first came across botox, it was initially used to control eye muscles and correct lazy eyes! I found that fascinating. His outlook was, if you'll excuse the phrase, eye opening and I learned a lot about it from him. Again, I'd be too scared because of the needles but who knows if I'll still feel the same at 50?

    Really interesting post hun, definitely made me think x

    1. On the fence is a good place to be, means never say never!

      Oh noo I dont. 15 is far far too young, unless it is surgery that is *needed* and not *wanted*. But then, I blame the surgeons in that situation because what sort of professional would perform surgery on a person that age? It should be against the law I think.

      But yes, as adults I think its their own personal choice! And there are worse things a person can do than have surgery right?

      oooh I bet that was so interesting! Id love to know more about it. I know a few people who have had it but I dont know a lot about the technicalities. I think I would start maybe... when the wrinkles come!

      Thanks chick :) and thank you for the comment! xox

  7. I agree with you! Plastic surgery is great if you can afford it for cosmetics reasons but also great for medical and you don't necessarily have to pay for it in that case. I've been wanting to do a post on this for a while because 6 months ago i had a breat reduction (at the age of 18). It's the best thing i've ever done in terms of my own decision making.
    However i would pay to have a nose job, i have always wanted that from a young age because i broke my nose at 11.
    Cosmetic surgery is a big thing and shouldn't be thought about lightly. I started the process of my PS at the age of 15. I also had it done through the NHS. Obviously the extreme is too far but again it's personal preference and if you want to look like a cat go for it!

    1. Oh wow I would love to read a post on that! I know a lot about my friends experience but that is it! It might help other girls (like me) make a more informed decision about it :)

      haha the cat bit made me laugh! Well if they arent hurting anyone then whats the problem with being a cat lol. xoxo


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