Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Favourite TV Shows

I thought I'd do a bit of a personal post today!  The reason behind this is my Twitter page!  I've been talking to a lot of bloggers lately about TV shows I like and dislike.  A lot of girls have been asking advice for new shows to watch so I wanted to list my favourites :] and, not being big headed...  But I have excellent taste. haha!

And with the cold dark nights coming in, everyone needs a bit of telly to keep them occupied!

Anyway, my favourites are:

This revolves around a CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) agent called Jack Bauer.  It's so addictive!  There is plenty of terrorist plots to keep him going and each season is based on a full day in the life of Bauer, so it has 24 episodes.  It will always keep you guessing and once you start watching it I guarantee you wont want to stop.

aahh I love Dexter!  He is a serial killer working for the police.  He's my soul mate!

Prison Break
This is another addictive show, telling the story of Michael Scofield who goes to jail to rescue his brother Lincoln.  Lincoln is on death row and Michael's only option is to break him out of the prison to keep him alive long enough to try and prove that he was framed.  They pick up a few more escapees along the way and this provides so much drama and entertainment!

Sex And They City 
Surely no explanation is needed?

True Blood
This revolves around a telepathic barmaid living in a world where vampires have just 'outed' themselves.  Based on amazing books too!

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Everyone knows about this, yes? It follows the goings-on of a forensic team in Las Vegas.

This is based upon the slave who started a revolution during the Roman times.  Great storyline and good actors!

Game of Thrones 
Based in medieval Britain, with different families battling for the throne.  Lots of double crossing and schemes, so good! And my blog name comes from one of the characters! Khaleesi, the mother of dragons.  She is awesome ;)

This revolves around the Mafia, always good in my book!

Two brothers try and battle against all supernatural creatures.

NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service 
This is a goodie, based on a unit of investigators normally trying to solve crimes commited to / by members of the US Navy.

The Big Bang Theory
Funniest programme on TV right now!  I love Sheldon!

Also, try American Horror Story, Homeland, How I Met Your Mother, American Dad, CSI:NY, The OC, The Hills and Family Guy.

Thats all I can think of atm but I have a feeling I have missed something....

Any other good shows out there that I simply MUST watch?



  1. Great shows. I love Supernatural, True Blood, Dexter and Prison Break too:)

    Sara xx

    1. Great minds ;) they are all so good! xox

  2. NCIS is my all time favourite, I have all the box sets x

    1. I have most of the seasons, need the newer ones though! xox

  3. Ooh you should try NCIS: Los Angeles when it comes back in January - the cast are fab and I think I prefer it to the original.

    I gave up on Dexter a few seasons ago, it got so far fetched but the first few seasons were utterly incredible!


    1. everyone says that! I keep meaning to give it a go. Dunno if it could beat my beloved NCIS though, its so good!

      Awh Im still faithful to it haha! I love him!! hes my soulmate! xox

    2. I thought that but it really is uber amaze! It's back on Sky One on Sunday too...

      I so want to get back into it with the new season starting but I don't think I can :( x

    3. I'll give it a go! It'll give me something to watch during the Christmas holidays. Awh you should! Its so good! xox

  4. lol my husband and I were addicted to prison break, we got all series and watched them one after another. it was cool.

    1. my bf & I did that too! It was so much fun :) xox


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