Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases

"Coughs and sneezes spread diseases"

Simple sentence isn't it?  It was used in the 1940s to remind people to use hankies and wash their hands when they are ill.  It has been around since before most of us were born and drummed into us at school.

So why do so many people, so many adults, ignore this?

The time is upon us, where no hand railing, public transport or busy workplace is safe to breath free clean air.  Or touch, well, anything.

It's winter, and that brings diseases.

Autumn and winter are by my favourite times of the year.  Halloween, Guy Fawkes night, my birthday, Christmas and New Year are Just some of the delights I have to look forward to.

But, it also brings me dread.  And disgust.  And severe temper tantrums.   Why do so many people think its acceptable to sneeze and cough without covering their mouth?!  Or using a hankie instead of their hand or sleeve?  It mystifies me.  An enrages me.  I have on occasion gave people, strangers and loved ones, a dressing down for doing any of the above.  Of course you can get caught odd guard and a rouge sneeze comes out but for the most part, it is unforgivable.

You know that hand railing you touched?  A guy just wipe his nose using his hand and touched the railing before you.  Sitting on the train to work, the person coughing into the air is spreading droplet particles that you will breath in.  Sickening, isn't it?!

So here is my winter survival kit, to get me out alive;

  • Disposable hankies and plenty of them.  Cheap as chips, small and light.  No excuse not to have some.
  • Anti bacterial hand gel.  You are going to need this if you like touching your eyes or face a lot (like me) to stop spreading any germs you might have picked up from others.  Also, great to use before food, especially finger food.
  • A scarf.  It's not unknown of me to put it up over my nose while on the bus on my way to uni.  It stops me inhaling germs and keeps my nose warm.  I'm bloody mental, but an honest mentalist.
  • Gloves.  Provides a barrier between you and the germ ridden public world out there.  And keeps the fingers warm.  Just remember to wash them now and then.
  • If a rouge germ does get past your defensive Barrier and you feel ill, multivitamin tablets with extra vitamin C are your best friends to help keep your immune system up and going strong.

Anyone watch The Big Bang Theory   Some people have likened me to Sheldon on the germ front.  I can't disagree haha.  But I am unrepentant.  I hate germs and this time of year is full of them!



  1. Me and my family are like this, even in the house haha! Hate it when people sneeze without a tissue! & the result of that is I'm feeling very fluy today :(


    1. haha thats a good thing in my book! Me too aahhhh its so bloody rude. Oh no :( some germs have sneaked their way in! Hope you feel better soon :) xox

  2. This is so cute! Being ill when theres so much going on is just the worst!

    Efia @ effytalkslife.blogspot.co.uk


  3. Agree! Really annoys me when I see people spreading their bugs about! Even worse is when I see people not washing their hands after going to the toilet.Dirty gets. I've just been round the house squirting all the handles and remote controls with anti bac spray- all the kids are so in the schools I work at :/

    1. awh I kno that rips my head too! I just hate dirty people lol. I do that too! I need things to be clean lol xox


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