Sunday, 25 November 2012

Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust it Review


I buy this for around £10 in Sallys and it last me ages!  I know the bottle is pretty small but you only need a teeny tiny amount of product for it to work.

I use this dust when I back-comb my hair and it works a treat!

To use:Sprinkle a little on the roots of your hair, rub in slightly and back comb the first inch or 2 of hair.
And boom! You have big hair :) it really is that simple.

Word of warning though, it does really matte your hair!  So if you decide to change your hair do, you will struggle to get a brush through it haha.  So stick to a hair style and go with it!  If you use a lot of the product, you will have to scrub your hair to get it out too.

Top tip:This works better than any dry shampoo for freshening up your hair!

With Christmas fast approaching, I'd recommend this to achieve the big glam hair vibe!



  1. Ooo this sounds like a really interesting product!! I've never heard of anything like it before... but with my fine/thin hair I really wish I would have haha!


    1. Its really good :) you should give it a try! xox

  2. I have this, and I dont wear it too much... I should wear it more, but I think the gross dirty feeling it gives puts me off every time.

    1. yeh the matted feeling is horrible haha!


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