Sunday, 21 October 2012

Rising Costs and Falling Quality

Is it just me or are prices on everything going ridiculously high?

 Clothes, makeup, toiletries...  Everything seems to be getting higher and higher.

And it's not only the cost that is getting higher, it seems that the quality and quantity of things is getting lower in a lot of products.

Tubs of cream getting smaller yet the high price remains, a cheap packet of face wipes now cost the same as high end brands and even cheap makeup sometimes isn't cheap.

Especially clothes, remember the days where £100 in Primark got you half a wardrobe?  Or £40 in New look got you a top & bottoms?   I look back on those days fondly!   And miss them terribly.

My wardrobe is a mixture of high and low end, so I really don't mind paying a lot for something if it is worth it.  But everywhere I look i feel that hardly anything is worth it now.  Even buying basic toiletries costs a bomb!  I try to be shopping savvy and wait on special deals but it still costs way too much.  

When is the world going to haul itself out of a recession?!
Is anyone else feeling it or is it just me?  Look how sad and empty my purse is... My purse needs the recession to end haha!



  1. I hear you! When I bought my first jeans, can you believe they cost 20 euros (about $ 25 I guess). Now it's pretty impossible to find any good ones under 50 or 100!

    Indie by heart

    1. I know :( jeans really are expensive now. Ive seen some that I like but they are all so dear, dunno if I can justify the money at this time of year! xox

  2. aw your sad purse :( haha it is ridiculous now though. I got some work shoes from Primark the other week and I know they weren't that expensive but the insoles came away completely within a couple of days and its just cardboard underneath! Makeup is dear now too, especially mascara and foundation, BB creams are awful too, so much for a tiddly tube! grr!

    1. it really is sad haha! oh no way thats so rubbish! I think Primark are a hit or a miss, either great shoes that would withstand a nuclear war or ones that fall apart on the first week. haha omg I know, all mascaras are sooo dear. It makes no sense, they go clumpy so quick so I grudge it! xox

  3. So true, nice purse btw, xoxo.

  4. So true, I hardly buy anything anymore because I am so broke and I just don't think it's worth it! I remember aspiring to be able to save £25 for a pair of river island jeans with embellishments or rips or anything and now it is £45 for plain skinnies! And I do also find that Primark are now very similar in price to places like New Look when it comes to the more 'catwalk copy' items. I do still tend to buy mostly from Primark because that's all I can afford at the moment :-( the most expensive thing I own is still a pair of £85 Faith heels that my friends bought me for my 21st 3 years ago! Even then I would never have spent that much money on myself!

    It's a sad state of affairs these days :-( I love fashion so much but I find it so hard to blog about it when I can't afford to buy things, and it makes me so sad to see people like Bryanboy who have so much stuff :-(

    Oh god I need to keep my chin up! Lol
    Much love

    1. I know me neither! I see a lot of things I like but I just cant afford them :(
      Oh yes, I find that too. Primark is almost as expensive but I dont find that they are selling a higher standard of clothing which isnt good. But Im the same, I still buy a lot of stuff from there.
      When I was younger I didnt think anything of spending £60+ on boots etc, but now I just cant do it haha. Maybe once in a while but I am definitely more careful with my money now. I just think I could spend that on one pair, or try and stretch my money and get a few items out of it.
      Hopefully things change haha!
      Thanks for the fab comment love, glad Im not the only one! xox

  5. I blog is suffering from lack of products & hauls cause I just can't see myself splurging on unnecessary things especially not knowing if they'll be worth the money or not!! And quality is def low as well!!

    Great post chick

    1. I know mines is too! I mean, I have a lot of products but Im not splurging on lots of new ones because I just cant afford it. And yes, I dont wana risk buying new things incase its a waste of money :( xxx

  6. I thought I was going crazy for thinking that everything costs nowadays more and quality is way worse than ever before, but gladly you think the same and according to comments others too!
    That is really annoying. Because now your top becomes useless in no time(due the nowadays quality) after you spend more on it than before. So you have to buy again that overpriced top if you want to fill in the missing spot. :/


    1. sooooo right chick! I couldnt have put it better myself. So many of my clothes are totally ruined after a few washes, its so frustrating! xox

  7. I'm with ya- I'm so stressed and worried about this recession:(


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