Saturday, 1 September 2012

September is here!


Wow. This year I'd seriously flying in! For me at least! Does anyone else have this feeling?

That's us two thirds of the way through 2012!!! It'll be Christmas and new year before we know it.

Anyway, this post is really just to ask what goals everyone wants to achieve in the next 4 months?  Everyone is full of plans and promises on the 1st of January but what about the 1st of September?  4 months to go to fulfill those plans and promises.

Here are mine:
  1. Smash my first semester at uni, pass my exams and get a big chunk of my project out of the way
  2. Keep going through my Spanish phrases
  3. Be better at keeping in touch with old friends
  4. Spend more time with my loved ones
  5. Keep up with my skin care
  6. Keep exercising
  7. Stop worrying over silly things
  8. Get Christmas organised to beat the festive rush
  9. Blog at least twice a week

Not an amazingly exciting list but it's what I want to achieve :)



  1. I have made a 1of of September list too! Most of it is the same as yours (do really well in first term of uni, exercise, ect.
    It's such an exciting time of year, so much ahead before the year is out" :)

    1. haha I think most students have the similar list!
      You are right, still a lot of time left :) good luck! xox

  2. I gave your blog a mention on my list of favourite blogs


  3. I need to start exercising and not fall behind with my highers, great idea for a post :) x

    1. Good goals :) you should do your own list! And if you need any help on your highers just say, if I did the same subjects I could lend a hand xox

  4. Start back exercising, get through several books and keep up to date on my graduate school applications, keep up with my skincare routine that I started after the Estee Lauder event, and get a Galaxy S3 smartphone!


    1. Oh thats a good list :) what books are you gonna get through? xox


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