Wednesday, 4 July 2012

She Said Beauty - the new website.

So the next big thing to hit the Beauty World is the website 'She Said Beauty'.  Or so they say!

I joined tonight, see my profile here

Are you gona join?  Basically its an extension of what we all do here, its a place to talk about our buys.  Hair, make-up, nails etc.  You can also subscribe to get a Beauty Box every month which contains 5 items in each box (a bit like the infamous Glossybox that is raved about so much on here).

If you join come say hi!  My profile is bare just now, the website won't save my details :( boo!  But I've emailed them and will keep trying until my profile is filled to the brim with cool stuff and hopefully I'll manage to add a link to this blog too.

What do we think girls?  The next big hit or what?


  1. looks wonderful!! I will try to join:) would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin??:) let me know!


  2. Thanks for your follow !! I follow you back now ;)


  3. heheh :) i am punk in my heart too :) i love studs and spikes :)
    Greetings Emma <3

  4. hi! thanks for your comment in my blog! yes, let's follow each other :) i'm now following you, hope you do the same and follow me back!

    keep in touch



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