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Body Hair - Disgusting or Natural?

I watched 'Cherry Healey - How To Get A Life' last night and it was heavily focused on beauty and how far people are willing to go to reach their idea of perfection.  I've zoned in on body hair as opinions tend to be divided, for many guys and women.

Every part of the body is covered in hair except from the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, so there is a lot of hair there and sometimes it is very visible.  I have really fair hair and it can hardly be seen so it isn't as major an issue for me as it is for some ladies.  Infact, my beautician is really dark haired and she regularly calls me a bitch because she would love it haha.  I understand why girls can get paranoid about it, especially darker haired ladies as they can be easily seen.

Hair can be removed temporarily by waxing, tweezing, using hair removal cream, shaving and threading.  IPL offers a more permanent solution.  Most girls tend to their underarms, eyebrows, upper lip, legs and private areas.  However I know some girls who do their whole face, stomachs etc.

Now, I'm gonna put myself out there and say that I really hate, detest, loath hair on myself.  Honestly, I hate it.  It makes me feel unkempt.  I thread my brows, and wax my legs and arms.  Now, I only wax my arms so the little hairs don't get caught in my jewellery because that shit is sore!  My beautician doesn't understand it but she's never tried wearing a Links of London sweetie bracelet.  I'm going through permanent hair removal on my underarms.  Before this, I always waxed.  It is painful and costly but I refuse to stop.  Here is where I'm going to offend a lot of girls, but I'm sorry this is just my opinion;  I think hair looks dirty and gives an appearance that is unkempt - on myself anyway.

But, in saying that... I wouldn't force someone to remove hair.  Other peoples body is none of my business, so who am I to tell them what they should or shouldn't do?  Whatever anyone does is up to them.  Different strokes for different folks and all that.  Infact, it isn't even something I even notice on others... how often do you stare at another persons underarms anyway?!

They asked girls and guys on the show what they thought of hairy females and the result was unsurprising.  Most girls and all men said it was a turn off.  There was a group of young girls and one middle aged lady who didn't mind hair but they were definitely a minority.  Each to their own, eh?! 

In saying that, my hair routine is minimal.  The presenter of that show said her hair routine takes up to 2 hours a week to complete which is a big chunk of time.  Maybe I'd be more relaxed if it took me that long.... Maybe, but probably not. 

What do my followers think?  What is your hair routine?


  1. I epilate my legs, underarms and bikini line, and use a bikini trimmer on the rest of my ladyparts to keep it neat... I would love to get laser hair removal but it's not something I could afford! x

  2. I watched this programme too and I really liked it. I think programs like this, and the ones Gok Wan recently did about body image are really really important to young people and the way they view their bodies. I think it is completely up to the individual on how they decided to keep their bodies. Whether they want complete hair removal, to be natural, or anything in between. I think it is also absolutely fine to have an opinion, share it or keep it private, but I do think that sometimes we all need to choose our words carefully. I think it is pointless branding something 'disgusting' when it is absolutely natural.
    Personal taste is important and nothing to be ashamed of, but when it comes down to being quite offensive to other people, it should be considered a bit more wisely. I think if people are hygienic and look after themselves - no one smells, no matter how much or little hair you have haha. I think it's quite unfair and offensive to all women and ourselves to brand hair manly, because we all get it! It's so strange that modern views have come round to this. I think everyone needs to be confident and comfortable in themselves, and whether that means being natural or removing it - fine, but I think the only way people feel truly confident is to accept something about themselves and others, and not brand it as wrong, ugly, disgusting, manly etc etc. It may appear that way to one person, but to someone else it's of the contrary and may ne a personal choice, and can be deemed offensive and prejudice.
    I have my own views on bodily hair, I prefer not to have it, but I wouldn't view anyone else differently, less or more superior or attractive to myself for their choices on it.
    Overall, I think for women and men, to feel happy about themselves, they shouldn't have to make these choices on anything else but their own personal view on it, and then it's fine whether they wax every inch of their body or corn-row their body hair! Because it will be their own decision. The real problem is when they make these decisions based on feeling ashamed of something we all have and get.
    I think real beauty comes from people being 100% confident in themselves and not affected by others views on how they choose to look, and I don't think that something should be called disgusting or ugly because it can be similarly linked to peoples size, race, religion, sexuality; anything. Everyone has a personal preference, but it doesn't make the things we don't pick, any less attractive or beautiful. We're all beautiful ladies and gentlemen! :)
    This is a good post and will no doubt bring out lots of views. I love Cherry Healey, she was really good with all the people she met. She's so understanding, can challenge people and bring out good debates, but always keep peace between her and others. I love her shows!x

    1. Thanks for replying chick, I like hearing people's opinions on things.

      Like you, I do think it should very much be a personal thing. If someone feels sexy and confident with or without hair, then that is the way they should stay.
      However in saying that, my personal opinion is that hair looks disgusting on me, I should have specified that. I have girlfriends who are in both ends of the spectrum, girls who rarely tend to hair and girls who have a strict de-fuzzing routine and it doesn't affect my opinion of them personally. As long as they are happy!

      Although, I do stick to the thought that hair can be looked on as manly. I think this perspective is very much media influenced, as a man with a stubbly face is thought of as rugged and sexy. Susan Boyle has some hair on her face and was publicly ridiculed for this, the media slaughtered her and branded her the hairy angel which I thought was extremely unfair but that's just the society we live in. In most circles, body hair isn't thought of as 'feminine'. Maybe this should change but I don't see things changing for a while. Most girls and guys do prefer females to be hairless or at least have little hair... But it isn't 'wrong' for people to have body hair. I think it's all to do with the person, if they are confident enough to rock it then more power to them! I think it's a pretty brave move to go out in public without tending to hair, that was easy to see when people recoiled in horror at the sight of armpit hair haha it's not something I have the balls to do but if a girl is strong enough to face judgement and not care then good on her, most people conform so they dont get judged. But then, that's a whole other post lol! Xox

  3. Yeah it's exactly that! The bloody media is a curse for highlighting these things and making anything relatively unconventional regarding beauty seem wrong or unattractive. I've vowed to myself to not buy any of those magazines that are gossip based or that have weekly slates on bad photo's of celebrities and whatever else. Whilst sometimes they can be funny, it just makes me feel awful because I only have to imagine opening a magazine and seeing myself in it with the same caption or comment and I am sure I'd be devastated! So I try not to read them because they just send out the wrong message to anyone. It's so rubbish. I want all the women of the world to pull together and bring the Sisterhood back, and embrace everything that makes us different and beautiful, and screw everyone else who makes us feel bad. But as you said, I doubt that that will happen any time soon. I sound like I've been hanging around with hippies and eating space cakes haha, but I just wish people were kinder to everyone, or just didn't care what everyone else was doing if it's not to their taste. As for Susan Boyle, she's a Saint; the media can't slate her!
    This was such a good post, and I am sure it brings out many opinions, and it's one everyone could talk for hours about. I know I am definitely going off topic haha xxx

    1. Yes the media is responsible for so much shit! Its not even the stories they run... its they way they report them I think! You know, like celeb ones are full of "look at the tummy on her / look who has cellulite / ooh spotty face" etc, which is nasty because everyone gets those things! They could put it across more like "oh look, shes beautiful but has flaws like everyone else, its normal", and not persecute peoples weak parts. Ive stopped buying them and feel a lot better for it! I read 'mum' mags now haha.

      aah yes I agree, its not only you! Girls dont have each others back any more, its sad! I feel more judged by girls than guys... we should all learn to be nicer to each other. It sounds so old school but I believe in treating someone the way Id like to be treated. For example, Lauren from TOWIE was getting slated on twitter the other day for her looks and her reply was 'I know Im not Heather off Eastenders'... I was like wtf?! So its not ok for people to slag off your look but you can slag others... Its the perfect example of what happens every day, total shame! haha yes its off topic slightly but I think it does influence this topic in a way... if that makes sense haha! xxx

  4. I am naturally pretty hairy, so ill say its disgusting. I am so jealous of girls who barely grow hair in unwanted places.
    On a different note, would you like to follow each other? :)

  5. I've thought about waxing my legs but someone told me that it hurts so bad that it's not worth it. I'd like to get it lasered off but that's super expensive.

    1. Waxing your legs is so sore haha. It is worth it because you stay smooth for around 6 weeks but bot does it hurt! xox

  6. Me personally, I do it because I like it, its my personal preference. I think I first shaved my legs when I was 8 or so, because I thought I was a big girl and big girls shave their legs!

    After the first time, I was like heyyy this is prettah nice. Especially putting on pants or getting into bed right after you shave. I think I started shaving my arms when I was 11 or 12, my logic was, well my legs feel and look nice hairless...lets shave these arms and see what happens!

    From them on, it was just my personal preference to be sans hair everywhere. To me, I like everything nice and smooth. If another girl prefers to be hairy, thats fine by me! Her choice.

    When it comes to my particular experience, I went hairless because I wanted to, not because of the media. I can definitely see how the media CAN do that to people, but I just like how it looks/feels on me :)

    1. Yes me too! Like you, I feel so much better when I am freshly shaven and groomed :) Thank you for a great reply, very honest! It sounds very similar to my story xox

  7. Same here! I'm very much an each to their own person but for me I really dislike body hair to the point that I have never dated a hairy man (unless more men start waxing their chests I should probably get a cat). I'm also naturally quite hairy - wouldn't say I am disgusted by body hair but I don't like it.

    I know a few men who say they hate brazilians and prefer 'some hair' because it's weird and childlike if a women doesn't, so not all men like fuzz-free women. I say do what you want women.


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