Saturday, 14 July 2012

Babyliss Argan Oil Review

So everyone is jumping in on the 'hair oil' party and Babyliss is no exception.  
The well known name for this is 'Moroccan Oil', as the argan tree is indigenous to Morocco.  Moroccan Oil have branded their name so most other companies are going by the name of 'Argan Oil'.

I got this Babyliss version from eBay at around £13 and it is worth every penny.
I really does work wonders for your hair!  My hair is dyed and straightened on a regular basis so it needs a lot of TLC.  

This made my hair softer, more manageable and less frizzy.  It also dried faster after washing and made it lovely and shiny.

Only a small amount is needed for each use so the bottle will last a long time.  I will definitely repurchase.

Top Tip:  Put more oil in your hair than usual before bedtime, wash out in the morning for super-soft hair.



  1. I use Marrakesh Oil from the brand Earthly Body. My sister is a hair stylist and got me into using it for my long hair. I apply some to the tips of my hair before I go to sleep most days, and some days I'll do an all over treatment.


    1. Oh thanks for the tip! I'll look into that, Im loving hair oils atm xox

  2. isn't it just the perfect thing? face-check hair-check nails-check !
    love it!


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