Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Went to an Ann Summers party at the weekend :)

Hahaha it was so dirty, it was hilarious.  Totally didn't expect it to be as dirty but it was a good laugh.

My cousin Vicki invited me (her cousin in law hosted it) and since her and my other cousin were going I thought 'why not?'.  I text my friends Lorraine and Vicki and invited them but Lorraine got the message too late:( so only Vicki came.

It was such a great night, I haven't had a proper night out in a long time and I was needing it.  The party itself was in the function room of a pub and we went to a different pub afterwards.

I bought myself a black lace top, its gorge!  I love lace.  Its actually a dress but Its a bit on the short side so I'll use it as a top instead.  My cousin Pamela got a lovely dress, friend Vicki got the lace top and I cant remember what cousin Vicki got.  My cousin Vicki won £25 worth of vouchers in the raffle, lucky girl!  I won dirty playing cards and a porno DVD hahaha!

I also seen the best bikini in the world, high waisted old-school glamour type bikini and they don't do it in my bra size :( gutted!  Actually surprised at how many nice clothes Ann Summers sells as I always thought it was mainly for sex toys.  The underwear is amazing too!  And the best thing is that most clothes go up to a size 24 and the underwear (mostly) accommodates larger sizes... Just a shame they dont do my bra size in the bikini!

I also rocked the curly-haired-look at the weekend :) It is my natural hair, couldn't be bothered straightening it at the weekend. 


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