Friday, 22 June 2012

Tattoos at Royal Ascot

This has caused quite a stir in the media!  But why?!

This year the dress-code got a bit stricter, but that's the point, the dress-code.
Tattoos aren't an item of clothing or head-wear, so why should ladies with tattoos be in the media with journalists questioning their right to attend the races?!

Here are (some) of the ladies in question:

So what if they have tattoos?  You wouldn't judge someone on weight, skin colour, hair style or any other  aspect of their physical appearance.  So why is it acceptable for tattooed people to be judged?  I say 'people' but I actually mean females.  There was not a peep in the media about tattooed men being allowed 'to flaunt the dress-code'. 

It is an old fashioned and outdated prejudice, tattoos these days aren't only for criminals and sailors.  I understand that some people see it as 'chavvy' or 'trailer trash' but that is their problem.  Even the Prime Ministers wife has a tattoo, is she a chav?  About half of girls in the spotlight have tattoos now - Megan Fox, Tulisa, Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, Rihanna.... the list is endless.

I myself have 6 tattoos and 17 piercings.  I plan on getting more tattoos in the near future and I once had a lot more piercings than I do now.  I don't care if anyone thinks they are disgusting, it isn't their body.  I love them and they are an extension of my personality.  I will not regret them and I detest when people say "they will look really bad when you are an old lady".  Know what else looks shit when you are old?  Everything.  So I won't worry myself  about that just now. 

What do you think of tattoos or body modifications?  Please remember to keep your answers respectful.


  1. I think each to their own-it's no one elses business! I was going to get own once, a daisy design using my georg jensen daisy necklace as inspiration but was told they couldn't do white :(I might still get something one day but I'd have to be 100% sure!

    1. Yeh thats what I think, its nobody elses business so who are they to judge? Awk yeh white isnt a great colour to use :( you could always get a pink daisy but really really light? Take it from me, if you like the design 100% you wont regret it :) xox

  2. I can see both sides of the coin to be honest. I agree that people wouldn't be judged on almost everything you said (weight, physical appearance, etc) but at something like Ascot they probably would be judged just as harshly if they had outlandish hair-dos - I imagine if people turned up with mohicans and bright green spiky hair, the papers would run articles about that too!

    I don't necessarily think its right to label people based on how they choose to look and I do think its quite snobby to label them as chavs just for having tatoos, but then I admit I'm probably quite snobby about it too as I do think it makes an outfit (even the most glamourous, expensive outfit in the world) look "dressed down" if tattoos are visible. Which is why I always hate seeing visible tattoos on brides, I think it makes the outfit look less classy. And I guess its just not what I would expect to see at somewhere like ascot - which I know sounds really snotty :/

    I like tattoos that have meaning to them, but I don't see the appeal of full sleeve tats just for the sake of them...especially on women.

    I have one tattoo but its on the side of my foot, and so its only visible if I want it to be and I can easily cover it up for "dressed up" events. Whereas my sister has one on her arm, and to me it just doesn't look right when, for example, she was a bridesmaid last week in a lovely elegant dress - it just looked out of place :/

    1. Its always good to hear everyones opinions but I do think its sad that you feel that way, but each to their own! I think sleeve tattoos can be beautiful if they are done correctly, I know a lot of girls that have them done and they love them. I do find that older people tend to think the way you do, tattoos are more acceptable in younger circles. Don't you think its a little hypocritical of you though, seen as you have a tattoo?

    2. Well I don't see why its sad that I feel that way, at the end of the day its all about preference and everybody finds beauty in different things.
      I don't think large areas being tattooed looks beautiful on women, the same as I don't like trainers or sports shoes, and I don't like jeans. Equally, plenty of people wouldn't find beauty in things that I do like - I like rockabilly hair styles but plenty of people wouldn't think they're beautiful, I like men wearing eyeliner and plenty of people wouldn't think that looks good, its all personal taste. If everybody liked the same things the world would be really dull.

      I don't think it has much to do with age - after all, tattoos date back through generations and most of our grandfathers had them! My grandads arms were covered with mermaids that he used to make dance!
      I think its just a personal thing. I dont think theres anything wrong with tattoos but - as they are a permanent feature on your body - I think they should have meaning to the person, and shouldnt be done for fashion as its not something you can change when your sense of style changes in years to come (And everybodys sense of style matures with them in some way)
      And with things like sleeve tattoos, I can't see them really having any specific meaning or value to a person - they're usually just a pattern and are there purely for the look of them.
      Unfortunately, people do tend to follow fashions and end up stuck with something they regret - like I say, my sister has a tattoo on her arm that she had done at 18 and swore that she would never regret - she's 26 now and she hates it, she hates her kids asking her why she has one and she hates that she can't cover it easily when she's a bridesmaid/wearing an elegant oufit,etc.
      My tattoo is a quote that I love, and I know it will always be a quote I always hold dear to me.

      Plus, I'm not saying that I don't think people should have tattoos - I'm saying that I dont think they go with "dressy, classy, elegant" looking outfits or occasions. Its the same to me as wearing a beautiful elegant flowing dress, and teaming it up with really heavy dark make up and big gold hoop earrings - it doesn't go.
      And so, I think if you're going for that classy, dressy look - the tattoos should be covered with a wrap or should be somewhere less visible. Which is exactly why mine is where it is - because I knew when I got it that I absolutely would never want a tattoo showing on my wedding pictures.

    3. I think its sad the fact you obviously judge people who have large tattoos in visible areas... Different strokes for different folks but you can't slam people for having tattoos if you have one also.

      And yes our grandads had tattoos but back then it wasn't acceptable for women to be covered but it was ok for a man. Nowadays I find that most people around 30 and upwards don't like them, I think its a generational thing. You cant teach an old dog new tricks sorta thing!

      Yes, a lot of people like your sister (and my mum) got tattoos and eventually regretted them but I think that is more to do with the stupidity of the tattoo, a lot of people don't think about them at first. I don't think tattoos need to have meaning, if something is pretty then its pretty. If you like it then you like it.

      A lot of people have brought up the 'wedding day' scenario but I think its rubbish, if tattoos are nice any other time I don't see why a white dress would make a difference. Its like this, if you dont like a brides choice of hair do then most people wouldn't dare tell her, but it seems to be acceptable to tell her that the tattoos lower the tone of the day. I just think there is a lot of hypocrisy surrounding tattoos but I fail to see why.

      I can do classy better than the majority of girls out there and my tattoos are on show. Class is much more than just an outfit.

    4. I don't think you're taking in what I'm saying. I'm not "slamming people" for having tattoos - I've said repeatedly that I'm not opposed to people having tattoos, obviously, or else I wouldnt have one would I?

      What I'm saying is that I don't think they look right with all outfits in all scenarios.

      And I'm sorry, how can it be a generational thing for people 30 and over?! I'm just turned 30, and you're 24 - 6 years is hardly a generation gap! And my 26 year old sister who is 2 years older than you, is that a generation gap too?!
      Its preference and style choice. Like I said - I don't like trainers, converse style shoes, jeans, trousers, etc either. I like very feminine, retro-looking clothes etc. I like looks that pay tribute to silver screen sirens - Its about style preference.

      I would never tell a bride that I didn't like her tattoo, but I think it lowers the elegance of a classy and just doesn't go with a traditional look. Equally, there would be ways to dress as a bride (In a shorter more unconvential dress, or in more unconvential colours) that would look better with tats.

      But thats what you asked - why the fuss over ascot?
      And thats the whole point I'm making - I don't think, in my personal opinion, that tattoos look right for all occasions with all outfits.

      I agree that class is more than an outfit - but if you are going for an elegant look, I don't think personally think it would be acheived with a lot of visible tattoos. I'm not saying it makes the person wearing the outfit any less classy than anybody else - but I do think it would make them look less classy physically.

      And I do disagree greatly about tattoos and meanings - You say if something is pretty then its pretty. Fashion changes and personal preferences change - if you look back at tattoos sailors had years ago, they are not the kind of thing that would appeal to the majority of people now. If you look at the celtic band and barbed wire style of tattoos that were huge in the 90s, again they are not considered too pretty now.
      If you're going to permanently mark your body, you need to be pretty damn sure its something that you will want on you forever.

      You mentioned earlier about tattoos looking crap when youre older and said "but so does everything else", I agree with that. However, if you have a tattoo of a name of a loved one who has died or a flower or star to represent something or someone, etc - that is not something that is ever going to change.
      If you get a tattoo of tweetie pie on your boob, or a dolphin on your tiny toned stomach - are they still going to be things that you think look good on you when you're 70? I doubt it.

    5. I'm taking in exactly what you are saying, I just think what you are saying is hypocritical, judgmental and wrong.

      Also, you are judging people by your standards. Just because you dont like meaningless designs doesn't mean that girls who get them will regret them.

      You seem to be getting quite defensive but I'm not looking for an argument, I'm just giving my opinion like you gave yours.

      I stand by the generational thing, there is a massive change in attitudes over the past few years and you are one of the people who aren't keeping up with the changes. Which is fine by the way, I asked people their opinions and you gave me it. Its 100% your right to have an opinion but its my right to tell you how stupid you sound.

    6. Can you explain how I'm being hypocritical?
      I'm saying that I don't think people should get tattoos that don't have any meaning to them, and I don't think tattoos go with classy outfits - I don't show my tattoo when I wear classier outfits and I made sure that my tattoo had meaning to me - therefore, I'm practising exactly what I'm preaching. So how is that hypocritical of me?

      Also - this is based on opinions - nobodys opinion is right or wrong. That's the whole point of an opinion on a debate.

      I'm not saying all girls that get tattoos without meaning will regret it, I'm just saying some will and its something that shouldn't be entered in to lightly.

      And I'm not getting at all defensive - if you look back over the course of the debate, I think you'll find that the only person who has called anybody "stupid" or "wrong" is you - I'm just giving my opinion, like you asked us to :)
      If you can't tolerate people having opinions that differ from your own without automatically assuming them "stupid" or "wrong", perhaps you shouldn't bother asking people what their thoughts on a subject are.

    7. Just because you have a descreet one doesnt mean you can judge others who have prominent ones. This makes you a hypocrite love, you are just too stupid to see it. And I enjoy hearing everyone's opinions, even ridiculous ones, it amuses me.

      Done with this now "never argue with a fool, they will drag you to their level then beat you with experience"

  3. That ending line has just made my day, and it's not even 9am!

    The whole 'tattoos and fashion' debate is one I know all to well. I am quite tattooed myself, and as I work within the industry as a body piercer a lot of my friends are too. I personally think there is nothing nicer looking than a heavily tattooed chap in a suit! But again, thats men. Wherever we go - for nights out, for dinner, etc, invariably people will stop us and tell us how 'its just not nice'.

    Fair enough, thats the general consensus - theres still so much negativity attached to being heavily tattooed, and while I think that needs to be atomped down on, I also see why people get smaller ones to be more hidden. Like I said, personally I wouldnt get one just so I could keep it covered and flash it like its a party trick, but everyones different, some people like the idea of having something only they know about!

    I think Ascot should just chill. If they can allow those ridiculous hats they can allow tattoos. In fact, ban fake tan too - up here its deemed as one of THE most unclassy things you can do.

    1. I agree with that, but then haven't they clamped down on that too?
      I remember reading articles even about ladies day at the Grand National this year and how awful everybody looked in fake tan with lots of cleavage on show, and that was just the Grand National where its almost expected that a lot of fashion mistakes will be made!
      And I do think they should clamp down on the headwear - I think that cherry hat looks extremely out of place at Ascot.

    2. haha thank you! Yes, I myself have a lot of friends who are in the industry, and my dad has always had a lot, so I don't really see tattoos or body mods as different... And even if I did, its just not my place to judge someone on how they look. I think if it isn't hurting anyone just live and let live.

      And I also agree on that, I don't see the point in getting any just to cover them up. Its just not for me. Its not that I like saying "look at mine!" but I'm not into hiding them either. In all honesty I rarely even notice my tattoos now (unless they are new) since they are just a part of me.

      haha yeh everyone should calm down over it. Tattoos aren't clothing, even an Ascot spokesperson said something like 'how people chose to live their lives is not our business, its dress-codes we want to enforce' so why the media chose to pick on these women I'll never know.

      oh I hate fake bake. I think a badly tanned girl looks a lot worse that a heavily tattooed girl, but I'd never dream of telling her that!

  4. Hear hear, I find the whole attitude towards these women disgusting. Since tattoos are not even mentioned in the Ascot dress code, this feels like a flimsy excuse to publicly berate women who don't fit the narrow standards of a rude, chauvinistic minority.

    1. Yes I agree, its just an excuse to find fault with someone which is really sad. Know what is even worse? A lot of this nonsense is coming from women, the utter fucking morons.


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