Friday, 22 June 2012

Recently Ive took up walking again :)

I stopped for a while, but with a lot of free time lately and nothing to focus my energies on Ive taken it up again.

I took Blu to the Strathyclyde Park for the first time the other day.  She was utterly shocked when the ducks started quacking at her haha.  She just stood and stared at them for a while, it was cute!  I wish I could let her off the lead to explore but as of yet she doesn't come back to me so it won't happen for a while.  I'm taking her to obedience classes in the hope that one day she'll learn to come back.  That day I seen a wee lurcher puppy jump an fence, snap its leg and actually rip its wee paw off.  I cant even tell you how devastated I was, and still am.  I learned today that the wee thing had to get put down, no wonder but I was holding out some hope that the vet could save it.  Goldy was a lurcher so it tugged on my heart especially.  So until I know it is safe to let Blu off, I won't.  Accidents happen sadly, that wee puppy is testament to that.  Goldy jumped a million fences in her life and never hurt herself but it has reminded me that I shouldn't feel bad about keeping Blu on the lead.  Its for her own well being, so it'll need to stay that way. 

Anyway, on to happier subjects.  I live next to some beautiful spots so I took a few pictures to show everyone!  Don't get me wrong, I live next to some shit-holes too but who doesn't haha.

Here are some pictures of my favourite trails:


The weather is back to being awful but hopefully the rain stops next week so I can go a few more walks :)



  1. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! Your dog is a regular cutie, I love a good stroll in the sun :) xxx

    1. Aww no problem and thank you! She is gorgeous haha. Me too, so relaxing :) xox

  2. Awww your dog Blu is gorgeous..I have a Whippet he is getting on abit now though twelve this year..but he can be very mischievous Aww that's soo sad what happened to Goldy:(! I totally get where you coming from when you say..not letting her off the lead, coz they don't come back..I mean Zip is very stubborn and just does his own thang lol! Beautiful views:D! for a lovely dog strolling in the sun.

    Here is a post I did a while ago about my pets:P!

    Have a lovely Sunday! Take Care
    Pixie xox


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