Sunday, 10 June 2012

My great love affair of 2012

Is with my Kindle.  You might think that it is sad but I love it, its so handy.

This my Kindle :)

I've always enjoyed reading but it comes with its problems!  Firstly, I have 3 big storage boxes filled to the brim with books; my storage space was running out but the kindle solves this.  It also solves the problem of carrying around a book in my bag which could get heavy, the kindle is small and light :)  And lastly, I hate when books get tatty looking, its one of my biggest pet hates.  Kindles don't get tatty looking :)

Does anyone else have a Kindle or eReader?  If you are on the fence about these I'd say go for it!  They are amazing things.

Are any of my followers readers?  Any good book suggestions?



  1. I'm a massive book reader - I have a shelf, a book case and two crates under my bed just jam packed with books. And then I have another book case downstairs with more books :) But I love using my Kindle - as I can read when I'm on the move and such. It's so lightweight - I love it!

    Have you tried the I Heart Series by Lindsey Kelk? xo

    1. haha a girl after my own heart! No I havent but I have heard they are good but I have no clue what they are about xoxox

  2. i love reading i have some book books and a kindle too i love it i like how you can read curled up with it resting on your knee xx

    1. Yeh thats a plus point! And it always remembers your place haha xox


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