Monday, 25 June 2012

Keeping Up With Hair Care

We've all been there ladies, sometimes we just put our hair through far too much torture.

Me especially,  I straighten it within an inch of its life and get a few highlights every few months.  Not good for keeping it healthy and shiny!  Here are my tips to give your hair some much needed TLC:
  • If you can, let it dry naturally.  Blow-drying can seriously dry out your hair especially if you use the highest setting.
  • Don't style your hair differently every day, straight on monday then curly on tuesday etc.  Keep it the same for a few days.  I know thats boring but sometimes its gotta be done!
  • If your hair is long enough, curl it naturally.  Go old school and use rollers when your hair is wet! No heat required and a great hair do - sorted!  You can even get rollers you can sleep in now - no excuse!
  • Deep condition at least once a week.  I do it more but that is only due to the state of my hair.
  • Use a normal conditioner every time you wash on the mid to end parts.  Don't condition roots as this will leave your hair looking greasy and you needing to wash more often.
  • Get your hair trimmed whenever it needs it.  I know its a sad sight to see the hairdresser chop away on your beloved hair but split ends don't look good!
  • Use a leave in conditioner, even a cheap one does the trick.
  • Always use a heat defense barrier before using anything with heat.  Chop and change your product, some heat defense sprays leave your hair looking oily but eventually you will find a decent one.
  • Don't wash as often.  Gross?  Yip.  But it helps your hair.  Use a dry shampoo spray between washes to keep it looking lovely and clean.  Every 3 days should be enough
  • .Wear your hair back more often, there are loads of pretty accessories out there to jazz it up.  Wearing it back in a loose pony tail saves you from styling to perfection when its down. 
  • Try hair oil.  Most people have by now but they are really great so they deserve the hype!
  • If you insist on dying it all the time then yo have to be rigid with these tips, your hair will thank you for it!
Healthy hair is hard work but definitely worth it.  Anyone got any quirky tips for me?



  1. These are really great tips! my hair hasn't been the same since i bleached half of it, and I am always on the look out for new and improved methods so thanks for sharing these and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. will follow back and stay in touch :)


    1. Thanks hun! Yip me too, the underhalf of my hair was dark brown til 2 months ago and bleaching it out really knocked my hair. Yes please do stay in touch, I love comments!

      Kirsty xox

  2. My hair is horribly dry and frizzy, but thank you for the post - happily just found your blog!
    I used to blow dry mine everyday and found it was making it even worse. Now I wash it in the evenings, brush it, tie it in a fishtail plait, then sleep with it like that. I've found it 10 times less frizzy and out of control!
    Love your blog - I'm now your newest follower and it'd be amazing if you could have a quick peek at mine?

  3. Great hair tips! I love the Moroccan oil which my hair dresser uses but I can't warrant the price tag myself, any one have any good value for money hair oil ideas? x

    1. Thank you :) yes I do actually! I bought a cheaper one by babyliss, just called argan oil and its fab. I can only find it on ebay but it does help my hair, I'll be doing a review on it soon :) xox

  4. These are really good hair tips. Cute blog New follower hope you can follow back :)


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