Sunday, 10 June 2012

Had wee Blu for a week now!

Shes still so timid, but she is slowly coming round.  Today I got some kisses and some wags of the tail!

I feel bad for her though, she very rarely moves from her bed.  No amount of treats or toys or happy voices will move her from the bed.  I know her new surroundings are still strange to her but I just feel like shes a little unhappy.  I am sure there is light at the end of the tunnel since day by day she is responding to us more.

Shes such a beautiful wee girl, I cant wait till I'm her best pal.

I still can't believe she doesn't know how to play.  I know her previous owners used her as a racing dog but the arseholes didn't even play with her.  If I wave a ball or squeeky toy at her she just stares blankly at me...  I did catch her playing with a teddy a little bit today though!  Maybe she's learning.  She stopped playing with it when she seen me watching her though, she must be shy.

I actually love her so much <3



  1. aww what a cutie I'm sure she'll come round soon xx

    1. yip shes definitely a cutie haha shes stolen my heart. Hoping so! shes the most timid dog Ive ever met xxx

  2. aww cute! really wish i had a pet sometimes

    1. aww thanks! She is cute <3 Ive always had one, I dont think I could be without one now xo


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