Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Cost of looking Fabulous

Blogs are packed to the hilt with people showing off their new purchases, whether it be clothes, make up, pamper sessions or new beauty gizmos.  But its not always easy keeping up is it?  Well, it isn't for me.  I love having a large variety of, well, everything.  Sadly, sometimes my purse is a little empty for me to indulge my every wish so I'm going to tell you how I get by and manage to get a lot of what I like :)

Oh how I love my jewellery, I have far too much of it but the right jewellery can jazz up even the simplest of outfits.  Can't afford that Samballa bracelet you adore?  Try Argos for the non-branded version.  That gorgeous £20 necklace from Topshop you like is lovely but try Ebay and you'll get a similar one for a few pounds.
Bargain jewellery shops: Primark, Ebay, International, H&M

I go through a lot of clothes and have a mix of cheap stuff and not-so-cheap stuff.   I tend to cheap out on passing fads, no point spending big when it will look out-dated 2 months down the line.  Also, try and customize clothes yourself.  A pair of ASOS ripped leggings will set you back at least £30 but you can save a lot if you buy £3 leggings from Primark and rip them yourself.
Bargain clothes shops: Primark, H&M, supermarket brands

Aaahh I love my shoes.  Love love love them.  I have pairs upon pairs of them.  I especially love designer ones but as a student, I just can't afford them.   Check around, most high street brands copy designer stuff amazingly well.  I have a pair of ankle boots from Primark that are the exact same as Louboutins apart from the infamous red sole.  Saved around £800 there!  ASOS are usually good for designer-like shoes and the price isn't too bad.   I once got shoes identical to SJP for £60 compared to her £500 Manolo price tag.
Bargain shoe shops: ASOS, Primark, New Look, Schuh

Make up / Beauty Products
Like everyone else, I have my own favourite make-up and beauty products and usually stick to them.  To save the pennies I hoard hoard hoard!  I recommend that you wait till a certain product is half price or on a Buy-3-for-the-price-of-2 deal and stock up.  I have about 9 packets of face wipes in my drawer at the moment haha!  It saves you a lot of money if you stick to this process and it is definitely worth it in the long run.
Bargain deal shops: Boots, Superdrug, Supermarkets

I was never a large fan of bags until the last few years but now I love them.   I have a few expensive bags but I love cheap ones that I can throw about and not worry that I've wasted my money, especially for day-to-day use.
Bargain bag shops: Little stalls inside Shopping Centers, Primark, Ebay

Do any of you have tips on saving money or bargain shops?


  1. TK Maxx is great for a bargain. Quite often they have brands such as Steve Madden & Michael Kors in there, you just need to keep checking & pray they have your size! x

    1. Oh yeh I forgot about TK MAXX!! Ive had a few bargains from there myself. Typical, when you try to think of good examples none come to you, cant believe I forgot TK. Yeh sometimes they dont have my size and I feel heartbroken haha xx

  2. Great post. I need to cut right back on my spending at the moment until I've got more money coming in! I like having a mooch around Pound shops, Home Bargains, Bodycare and Savers. I hate clothes shopping at the best of times but Primark and Internationale are good on a budget.

    1. Thanks sweetie! Yeh me too, always on the look out on ways to save money. I think everyone is feeling the pinch atm! Yeh Bodycare and Savers are great for things like shampoo etc. yeh they are fab on a budget, no point buying one expensive top when you can get a full outfit! xox


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