Sunday, 20 May 2012

Viewed A Rescue Dog Today

She was lovely.

I really want her but the hound rescue place are very fussy as to who they let rehome dogs, so nothing is certain yet.

She is a very small greyhound and is an unusual blue colour, so my mum wants to call her Blu.  She is a beautiful timid girl who has had a pretty shite life so far (shes 4) and deserves a new home and a loving family.

I still miss my Goldy every single day.  My heart still feels broken but I don't expect it to ever mend.  She was my best friend for 16 years, I grew up with her and she will always have a special place in my hand.

But me and my family, especially my mum, miss the company and unconditional love of a dog.  We have a home and some poor wee dogs out there need a home, so the solution is simple.

It sounds ridiculous, but I'm excited / guilty / scared all at the same time.  I would never be able to replace Goldy but I would love to give some of my spare love to a dog that hasn't ever known what love is.


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