Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Good wee week :)

I back to the Retired Greyhound place in Edinburgh.  Looks like we are getting to bring one of the dogs home with us <3

Both me and my mum liked Bonnie, shes beautiful.  She is 4 and was used for racing, and had a bit of a shite start in life.  So we are going to bring her home and give her lots of love.  We are changing her name to Blu though.  We didnt really like Bonnie.  Here is a photo of her, isn't she beautiful?



  1. i have 2 rescue cats and my mum has a rescue dog i feel much better getting rescue pets because they are getting a second chance . i love greyhounds they are lovely i would love a dog but working long days its not really practical but my cats are a bit dog like they walk on a lead and always run to the window when they hear a noise. blu is gorgeous and such a nice name you chose xx

    1. Yes me too, giving an animal a second chance in life is amazing, Im glad we are doing it. My friend just got a rescue cat, shes so in love haha. Awww thats cute! Can I ask how long they took to settle in? Im hoping Blu settles in fast, dont want her to be scared or anything. Shes never lived in a house so I hope shes not too daunted. Thanks :) I think Blu's a cute name too, since her coat is shimmery blue <3 xxx

    2. it took about 2 weeks they just sat together on top on the tumble dryer and we just had to sit with them talking and giving them bits of chicken and fish and eventually they came out and made themselves at home. buttons is a nervous cat and even now when we've had him years he still runs off and hides sometime but now it only takes 30 seconds before he's back meowing trying to get a head stroke xx


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