Sunday, 22 April 2012

Semi-permanent Eyeliner

What does everyone think of this?

Its something I have thought about on and off for a few years now.   I got it into my head after I read a magazine article about normal pencil eyeliner; apparently it gives you wrinkles in the long run if you wear it every day due to the pulling on the skin.   I worried myself when I read this as I wore it every day and touched it up a lot throughout the day.  I just feel better with eyeliner on and now I think I look a little bit strange without it...  Now I don't wear it as much but it is still my staple look.

So, i thought 'well what about tattooed on liner'?  Getting up every morning with it already in place must be great, not to mention it staying on during gigs, exercise and swimming to name but a few.  

But I know what you'll be thinking, it looks very garish and even gives off thatOTT look doesn't it?   Well actually, not always.  It doesn't always need to be done thickly and unevenly.  Yes, some websites I've visited are awful, and if I ended up with eyeliner like that on my face forever I would not be a happy lady.  But some places do it perfectly and alter it to your needs.  Ive seen some make up artists who use a range of colours and styles to suit the individual; as think or thin a line as you like it, as subtle or in-your-face as you want it and in whatever shade you like (it doesn't only come in black).

I think I'd like to get the pigment in black, but very subtle.  Thin lines that smudge out for an every-day sort of look and when I want to be more dramatic I can just put more on. 

Ive been trying to talk to all my friends about this but a lot of people aren't sure as they think more of the badly done cases than the nicer cases.  My mum is with me on this one, mainly because she's a bit lazy with make up like me and is fond of the idea of having it done all the time with minimal effort.  I especially like the idea due to the nature of my job (future job).   I'm still currently at uni but even there, you aren't allowed to go in very polished.  Hair needs to be tied back or you aren't allowed in the laboratory.  And as for make up?  It is allowed, but working with bacteria and the like, you don't feel very 'glam'.  And you need to scrub down a few times a day, and although you aren't supposed to get any organic matter on your face, I like giving my face a scrub with a face wipe because I am notorious for touching my face a lot.  Who isn't?  So caked on make up just won't really work.  So a little eyeliner would do me just nicely.

To be honest, as of yet I haven't found any studios near to me that I am totally happy with.  I have visited websites of a few places in Glasgow but I'm just not feeling them.  The quality of studios in London are amazing but it is recommended to get a touch up every year or so... So London isn't a very practical idea. Hmm.

Decisions decisions!


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