Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Borland Studio VPL for Skin Rejuvination

Last week I had my first Variable Pulsed Light session at The Borland Studio (19 Woodside Place, Glasgow).

This treatment can be used to treat many things such as hair removal or treating age spots.  I had my first session to treat sun damage / pigmentation patches on my collar bone.  My skin has distinct darker patches which are especially visible during summer.  I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, most people assume its a birth mark or patchy fake tan, but it really does bother me.  I hate people bringing it up or looking at it,I feel embarrassed and insecure.  I know there are worse things that I could have, but it does get to me.

I seen a skin specialist a few years ago and she told me laser treatment probably wouldn't treat it but I'm willing to try.

I paid £99 for 6 sessions, a reduced price from normal as the studio were doing deals this month. Really pleased as I would never have gotten it any cheaper.

In this treatment, the skin is basically blasted with light.  The therapist handles the machine and blasts the skin problem in question. I did feel it but it was not sore. The machine can be set at different settings so if you do feel it unbearable, it can be turned down.  However the aim of this game is to almost burn the skin, if that makes sense.  The machine can make skin peel, the same way sun burn does but as I said, I didn't feel any pain from the treatment.  Next time myself and the therapist decided we will use a higher setting to see how that goes.

So far I have not noticed a difference in my skin but this is a game of chance.  The treatment might not make a dent on the pigmentation patches or it might completely clear it.  Or any variation in-between. Since this is the case, I'll update my progress as and when I get my treatments.  There are 6 weeks between each session so it will take a while but I do really hope there is a difference.

The studio itself is lovely.  Clean and spacious inside and offers a wide range of treatments. I would recommend this studio and I know I will visit again.


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