I'm A Celebrity


Through the years I’ve always enjoyed I’m A Celebrity, I love seeing the challenges and ridiculous scenarios the celebs go through.  However there has always been a level of animal cruelty that didn’t sit well with me.  It is probably the only reality show I watch (which often means I don’t know who most of the contestants are since there is a constant stream of reality stars willing to go into the jungle).  My last straw was when Ferne McCann ate a live spider, I turned off and haven’t watched since this year.

It’s one thing making people eat testicles and butt-holes of dead animals (I don’t eat meat, so I still couldn’t do that) but eating live insects really gets to me.  When I started watching I’m A Celeb years ago I didn’t really think about it because I was at school and it was just insects, right?  Well I was wrong.  The episode where Ferne McCann ate the spider really upset me in particular because she had to scare the spider so it would curl into a small ball… but surely if you need to scare it, you know it has feelings?  I’m sure some of you will be reading this thinking I’m a sensitive little snowflake but opinions are like arseholes, we all have one.

I hope ITV change their format this year and for all years to come.  I read this quote recently and I cannot agree more:

‘Animal rights are not a gift we give to animals.  It is a birth right we have taken from them’

In the name of entertainment, should we be taking away animal rights?

Wishing the days away...

I was texting my friend this week and had a bit of a realisation – we both seem to be wishing our lives away. Are we all like this now? I constantly see people posting on Twitter and Facebook saying that they can’t wait for the weekend or the next big event in their life (birthday, holiday, Christmas etc).

As I’ve gotten older the years have flown by. How am I in my late 20s already? It doesn’t feel long ago that I was planning my 18th birthday. I feel like the older I get, the faster the years go.

In the past few years, mainly since I graduated, I have tried to make the best use out of my time. Years went by where my week days (and a lot of weekends) were spent studying and I don’t want to waste more precious time in the next few years going home from work each night and vegging out to Netflix wishing it was Friday already. A massive fear in my life is waking up one day and regretting how I spent my life. Imagine waking up at 40, at 70 even, and feeling like you’ve missed out?  I must admit that so far I’ve been very blessed in life and I’ve packed in a lot in my short years. Things that make me happy are: spending time with animals, seeing live bands, traveling and spending time with the people closest to me. I have done these things in abundance and I am very grateful for all of my fantastic life experiences – I hope to have many more of them.

On the other hand, I do occasionally catch myself (like the other day) saying ‘I can’t wait till the weekend / summer / Christmas / my holiday’ and I need to check myself. How do I prevent this? How do you prevent this? I’m not quite sure how I do it. I work a Monday to Friday job and even though I’m tired after a long days work I do try and make myself get my arse off the couch and do something productive. I try and exercise a few times a week, catch a midweek film and go to my sewing class. I won’t lie, I do enjoy a night on my arse watching the soaps too, it’s all about balance right?!

In future I want to cut down the amount I wish the days away, life is to be lived every day. On Fridays and on Tuesdays!

An Experience With Review : Warning to Customers : An Experience With Arnold Schwarzenegger Review

I wanted to post this review again as it appears the Olexy Group are now running mainly under the name 'An Experience With'.  It makes me wonder, why the constant name changes?  Olexy Group, Olexy Production and now An Experience With....?

Last year I spent a lot of money meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger and while Arnie was amazing, the company themselves fell short.  Really short.  Repeatedly.  It seems like I'm not the only unsatisfied customer.  I won't rewrite my entire post but I will link to the original.  Since posting this, I've received many comments and emails from other unhappy customers.  Olexy / An Experience With don't seem to be learning from their mistakes and I want other people to know what they are like as a company before they spend a lot of money on their events.


What Is Happening With Our World?

The world is a shower of shit sometimes, isn’t it?

The racism, intolerance, cruelty and hatred in this world is genuinely starting to dishearten me.  Within the space of a few weeks there has been a threat of nuclear war, Nazi marches, a 15 year old girl in Scotland committing suicide due to xenophobic bullying and the 10 year anniversary of Sophie Lancaster’s murder.  And this is just the stuff that I know about.  No doubt there will have been bombs dropping on the other end of the world, something so common that its very rarely reported any more.

I see people around me that want an equal, peaceful world and that gives me hope but lately it feels like we are outnumbered.  It feels like we are losing this battle.  For a while I genuinely thought we were winning.  Dickheads still existed but in small numbers…. The tide has turned somewhere along the way because now these disgusting, subhuman cunts are out in force.  Our leaders threaten us with more wars, haven’t we had enough lately?  Nazis terrorise the streets, didn’t we learn our lesson the first time?  Racists have found their public voices, no longer whispers amongst their friends, and they are determined to divide us all but why haven’t we realised that racism is a cancer to society?  Intolerance towards other religions is rife, acid attacks are on the rise and nobody in power seems to be doing anything to help.  Animal abuse is on the rise and our government aren’t doing a damn thing to help them; 6 months is the maximum prison sentence handed out to abusers.  You’d get more time for fly tipping.  Disabled members of our communities are struggling to be seen and heard, sometimes even struggling to survive but change is slow in coming.

I’m only just touching on issues here, I can guarantee there are a million other things I could rant about.  But honestly, I feel like I’m close to giving up on society.  Our world has the ability to be beautiful and provide a safe, happy space for everyone but humans are pieces of shit and are hell bent on destroying it.

How do we change this?  Can we change this or are too late?

Why I Choose Cruelty Free

I've recently went mad over choosing cruelty free items.  I got too complacent and realised that a few brands I own  have slipped off the cruelty free list and it made me realise I need to keep an eye on this more carefully.

Where possible, I have always picked a cruelty free item over something that is animal tested. For example, I use Collection or Illamasqua lipsticks instead of MAC.  I use Illamasqua foundation rather than L'OrĂ©al.   Little changes in my beauty routine, yes, but I hope it makes a difference.   If everyone made these changes, I think all beauty companies would be forced to stop animal testing for good.

Why do I use cruelty free?

Put simply?  I don't think that any animal should be tortured for humans to look pretty.   Scientific research, ok, there is an argument for it  (and against it but that's a whole different post).   But torturing animals for our mascaras and cleansers?  No. I'll never believe that it's a good option.  If we want to use it, then we should test it.   I don't use the word 'torture' lightly.  Those poor animals are kept in tiny cages from the start of their lives to the day they die.  They get strapped into position and chemicals rubbed into their eyes, corrosives rubbed onto their skin... I could go on but you get my point.  It's horrendous.  All in the name of beauty.  Is it worth it?   Not to me.  Just because a rabbit or a mouse is a little animal, it doesn't make it ok.  They still feel pain, terror and confusion.

What's changed recently?
Well, I don't really know.  As I said, I always tried to make better choices for myself when it came to basics such as primer, lipstick, mascara etc, but now it's much more than that.  I read that my favourite shampoo, Organix, had recently started selling in China (where animal testing is required by law) and it threw me.  No big announcement was made, no warning.  So I had been buying bottles of shampoo thinking they were safe.  They weren't.  I realised I had to be more stringent with my products.   That day I literally started looking at my whole routine, right down to body spray and hair oil.  Up until then, I hadn't made the same effort with the other products the same way I had with my makeup.   Why was this?  I'm not sure to be honest. I just assumed that if a brand was cruelty free then they'd refuse to sell out and decide to stock in China, or suddenly decide to animal test.   Now I feel like I'm doing a complete overhaul of my whole life, right down to the cleaning products I use.   I want to make the right choices.

What are my favourite cruelty free brands?

Lush (bath products, moisturiser, cleanser)
Barry M (mascara, nail polish)
Illamasqua (primer, foundation, eyeshadows, everything really)
Collection (my fave lipstick ever, concealer)
Urban Decay (setting spray, eye shadows)
Balm (eyeshadows)
Superdrug Own Brand (skincare, bath products, hygiene products, hair products)
Palmers (shampoo and conditioner)
Kat Von D (all of her range)
Carmex (best lip stuff ever)
Olaplex (hair tratment)
Artistic (gel nail polish)

Do I own any products that aren't cruelty free?
Yes I do.  I get perfume, makeup palettes etc as gifts that aren't always cruelty free.  I wouldn't bin these because I would feel too rude.   In the years to come I hope my birthday and Christmas have more CF items.  The problem is, a lot of people don't have enough information on products so it is easy to buy things that are animal tested - I've done it myself and you'll be hard pushed to find someone who loves animals more than me.

Is going cruelty free affordable?

Hell yes!   A lot of people seem to think that it costs more but it genuinely doesn't.  There are high budget and low budget brands that cater for us.  I use a mix of both and I find them (mostly) easy to track down.  If all else fails, I check Superdrug own brand!

I think that's me summed up just about everything I can think of.  If you are an animal lover then please have a wee think about going cruelty free!  And as always, if you have any questions then please feel free to contact me.  I am not perfect on this issue but I am trying to be.

Have I missed any amazing companies? What cruelty free brands do I need to try?

Vegan Birkenstock Eva Arizona Sandals Review

Today I wanted to talk to you about the Birkenstock EVA Arizona sandals I recently purchased.

These Birkenstocks are slightly different to the regular style; these are made with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) which means they are durable, waterproof and hard wearing.  In real life they have a glossy shine to them, a quality that Birkenstock claim wont fade but I guess only time will tell.  They are much cheaper than the original cork version and much lighter in weight.  Perfect to use at home and durable enough to last through a fast paced holiday!