My Blog, My Rules

*eye roll*
There are a lot of bloggers out there that seem to enjoy dictating to others what their blog should and should not include.  I find this utterly ridiculous.  A blog is someone's own property, their own little part of the Internet...  So who is anyone to tell them how to run it?  Obviously if their posts contain highly insulting content that is different but by and large people get huffy about the smallest things.

Firstly, swearing is a hot debate.  Should one swear in their posts?  Well I swear like a sailor in real life and do the occasional swear on here.  I cut out my most colourful language but the odd f word and c-bomb slips through sometimes.  And that is entirely up to me.  Or any other fellow sailors out there. 

Lush Halloween 2016: Pumpkin and Little Monster

Today I want to show you all how amazing the Lush Halloween gift sets Pumpkin and Little Monster.  I was browsing through the Lush online shop and when I spotted these and fell in love!  I love Lush and I really love Halloween so I had to get them – it would have been rude not to!

I’ve photographed what comes in the gift sets but I haven’t used them all yet. I will have to treat myself to some lovely relaxing baths so I can try them all out.

Pumpkin Giftset

How cute is this gift set?  I love pumpkins!  It comes with 4 items and cost me £20.95; i think that is reasonable for 4 items.

Boo - The ghost
Aww I adore this one!  Look how cute he looks with his little eyes!  Boo is a bath melt that provides a moisturising action on skin, as well as having some antibacterial ingredients.  I hope its dead good on my skin...

Sparkly pumpkin
I love how sparkly the pumpkin bubble bar is!  It sorta reminds me of the golden egg Lush sell at Easter time; if the pumpkin makes my skin feel half as soft as the egg then I’ll be a happy lady!  Lush say Sparkly Pumpkin is uplifting and refreshing, just what I need after a long week at work.

This wee guy is half cute, half terrifying!  Just look at his wee pumpkin smile!  Is it serial killer smile or cute pumpkin smile?  I can't decide.  Pumpkin is a vanilla and cinnamon bath bomb that will provide skin with antioxidants and a fresh after-bath-feeling.

Lord of Misrule
This is a bath bomb that reminds me of a sort of witches potion!  It crackles and fizzes away under water, making your bath seem like a proper witches cauldron.

Little Monster Giftset

This set comes in the form of a little green monster, I love him!  I think he looks like a Fred; he'd suit that name!  Little monster comes with 2 items and retails at £10.95.

Lord of Misrule 
This shower cream is bright green, like monster slime!  I am loving it, you can't get much more 'Halloween-ish' than monster slime.  It is rich and creamy with a vanilla scent.

Monsters Ball
This bath bomb is one of the cutest I've ever seen.  I am wild for spooky things and this little monster bomb fits the bill with her purple face and Cyclops eye.  Monster ball gives off a lime scent and softens the skin with cocoa butter.

I really enjoy that Lush bring out little novelty gifts at certain times of the year and the Halloween giftsets are no exception. I think everything looks great, can’t wait to use all my lovely new pamper bits!

Have you tried any of these items yet?

Things I wish I had learned sooner

Okay.... so this post might just be a bit of a chat about what I’ve learned so far.... But trust me, the quicker you learn this the easier life will be.

Learn to trust your instincts. Your gut is there for a reason so if you haven’t learned that yet then you really need to learn it now. Basically, if you have a feeling that someone is a shithead, then they're probably a shithead.

Accept that there are some things in life that you win and some that you lose.

Ditch those friends that only need you when they have something to gain.  They aren’t friends. Stick with the real friends. Your life will be much better.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want in life.  I’ve only recently figured out which career path I want to go down and I’m on the wrong side of 25.  And it might change.  Who knows. Just go wherever your heart lies. If you aren’t sure where your heart lies then give it time. You’ll figure it out eventually.

You want those shoes?  Then get them.  You might need to sacrifice a night out but life is short so get the shoes for fuck sake.

Saying that, don’t miss too many nights out.  Nights out with your nearest and dearest will give you memories that will last forever.

OK, that last one might have been a bit of a white lie.  I’ve had many a night where I remember nothing.  But I look happy in photos so it must have been a great night. Have a few of those nights too.  Have loads of hangover food ready for the next day though.

Learn that life is today, right now.  Its not tomorrow or in 10 years.  Do what makes you happy and do it now.

Failure isn't always a bad thing.  It is completely shit at the time and sometimes you need some time out to lick your wounds but it usually works itself out.   You'll be ok.

Be kind to people.  Life is hard sometimes and a little kindness can go a long way.

Travel whenever you can.  It sounds cheesy but it genuinely does broaden your mind.

Look after your mental health.  If you need help then please reach out. Help is out there and you can get better.  It is never hopeless.

Sometimes you will be wrong.  Sometimes you'll be a bit of a cunt.  Apologise, make amends and move on. 

- - - -

What is your best life advice?

My A/W 2016 Jackets Picks

A/W is my favourite time of the year, and each year I love picking new items to keep me cosy.

Here are my favourite jackets and coats for the colder months ahead.  I definitely dont need all of them but I might treat myself to 1 or 2!  My bf already bought me the pink leather jacket and I am in love with it!  It won't hold up during the cold Scottish winter weather so I'll need to get a warm, waterproof one.  I can't pick which one I love most...  I have a lot of darker jackets so this year I'd like a lighter coloured one.  Which jacket is your fave?

AW Jackets 2016

River Island padded coat
£150 -

Missguided collarless coat
£84 -

New look

Why I love Halloween

I love love love Halloween, its one of my favourite holidays of the year.  I wish the UK went OTT like America!  I'd love a big detached house that I could decorate; the garden would be full of pumpkins and lanterns, and inside would be full to the brim with skeletons and candy apples and bats.  How can you not love Halloween with all of that around you?!

I always try and celebrate it and here are the reasons why I love it so much:

  • I can watch as many horror films as I want, without people thinking I'm some sort of serial killer
  • Candy apples
  • Chocolate apples
  • Making my own chocolate apples (I'll get to candy apples eventually)
  • Dressing up! I usually dress up / go to parties the whole weekend closest to halloween, it'd be rude not to!
  • Drive in movies (the place I go only does them at Halloween)
  • Carving pumpkins (I'm always scared that I'll accidently stab myself though)
  • Having a valid reason to listen to the Monster Mash song
  • I can wear my Bat necklace without getting weird looks
  • its acceptable to eat loooads of chocolate and nobody can say shit about it
  • you can be anyone you want to be for a night!  From a Disney Princess to a zombie, the choice is yours!

Whats not to love?!  What is your favourite thing about Halloween?