Update on my Brazillian Blowdry

A lot of my twitter followers have been asking for updates on my Brazillian blowdry so I figured it was about time to do a wee update post!

Its been a few months since I got my blowdry done (also known as a keratin blowdry) and I absolutely love it!  It is by far the best £79 I have ever spent on my hair.  If you aren’t too sure what the blowdry is all about then have a look at my first post, here.

I don’t want to throw sweeping statements about but it *really* was life-changing for me.  Not win-the-lottery lifechanging, but my-life-is-much-easier-now sort of lifechanging.  I wish I’d went to that salon earlier!  If you read my earlier post you’ll know that I got a brazillian blowdry from another salon in Glasgow and I’d have been as well flushing my money down the toilet; it did nothing to my thick, naturally curly hair.

In the past few months, I have had such an easy ride when it comes to my hair.  Before my blowdry, my hair took an age to dry and it ended up in a frizzy unmanageable mess!  Now I can completely dry my hair in 10 minutes and it actually dries straight.  Even when I blast it dry, it still comes out looking ok.  In those few months I’ve only had to straighten my a handful of times.  A HANDFUL.  I am used to doing it once a day!  Or at least every time I wash and dry my hair.  The heat was really damaging my hair, not to mention taking up a lot of my time!  Now my hair feels super-soft and it is always sleek and straight.  I do still get the odd wave in my hair but I like that.  I only used straighteners a few times because id left my hair to dry naturally so the ends were a bit too wavy for me, and I was literally done in under a minute.

I can definitely feel a massive difference in my hair!  It is soft, sleek and much easier to manage. It has definitely helped my hair grow longer and keep it healthy.  As many of you know, I used to get extensions bonded into my hair every 3 months but my hair is almost at the extension-length now so I’ve stopped getting them in.  I needed to give my hair and my bank balance a wee break from all the bonds! 

One thing I’ve heard people complain about is the volume of their hair once they’ve had brazillian blow-dries.  I know some girls who find their hair flat and oily-looking but this hasn’t been a problem with me.  I think the key is finding a good shampoo that agrees with your hair!  To maintain a brazillian blow dry you must use sulphate free shampoo and I have worked my way through loads of brands during the years and they are a hit or a miss.  Some made my hair oily and some made my hair dry.  Just keep going through them until you find one that suits you!

I will 100% get this treatment done again and again, I couldn’t live without it now.  I’d recommend it to anyone who finds it hard / time consuming to manage their hair.  I will say again though, please go to a decent salon!

Body Shop Body Butter Haul

As a Valentines gift I got 4 of these beautiful body butters from The Body Shop and I love them all <3  my boyfriend knew I had finished my current tub so he stocked me up with butter to last me till summer!

He got me strawberry (my long term fave), mango, satsuma, and apricot. 

My favourite for many years.  I will always pick strawberry gift sets because I love the smell. However, satsuma has knocked strawberry to second place!  The strawberry fragrance is reasonably strong and lasts for hours on the skin.  

My new ultimate favourite!  I love it because out of the 4, it has the strongest scent by far.  I can smell it for ages on my skin and it smells so fresh! 

Pink Grapefruit
I like this one but it doesn't remind me of grapefuit, I don't know why!  It smells lovely though and I like the pink colour of the cream - definitely the girliest body butter I've ever used.

This is a great butter.  The scent is nice and it lingers on the skin for ages afterwards.

I love them all!  I moisturise every day and these keep my skin soft and hydrated.

Atholl Palace Hotel Review

My boyfriend treated me to an overnight at Atholl Palace for Valentines Day, he spoils me!  We went on the 6th February for their special Valentines night and it was amazing from start to finish.

Atholl Palace Hotel is situated in Perthshire and is a 4 star hotel.  We got a mid-price room and I honestly felt like a Queen!  A hungry Queen... But we'll get to that part later!

We arrived in the afternoon, check in is from 4pm onwards.  I wish it was a little earlier but I suppose that's not a big deal.  The reception staff were lovely and sorted us out with our room quickly and politely.  The foyer area won me over straight away because there was platters of chocolate covered strawberries everywhere, always a bonus!

Our room was on the first floor and it honestly took my breath away when I walked in!  My boyfriend had asked the hotel to sprinkle rose petals over our bed and in the bath, what a beautiful surprise!  I thought that only happened in movies!  He had also asked for chocolates to be sat on our bed too.  How sweet!  We had a room at the front of the hotel with beautiful views overlooking the hills; I could have looked out the window for hours. 

Our bedroom had a 4 poster bed (at the boyfriends request) because I've always wanted one but sadly my bedroom isn't big enough!  It was like sleeping on a big cosy, fluffy cloud.  The TV was basic channels which didn't bother me but I know it might put some people off.  The room had plenty of storage space but we didn't really use it because we were only there for one night.  The room provided a trouser press and I think irons were available on request, plus they had a little hairdryer. 

The bathroom was massive and basic toiletries were provided for.  The bath was huge and i felt so pampered lying in my bubble bath that night surrounded in rose petals!  One massive let down was the atrocious shower.  My boyfriend tried to wash his hair in the morning and the shower wasn't strong enough to rinse his hair!  He had to fill the sink and finish his hair there.  Now, if he can't even do his hair in the shower then my long hair wouldn't stand a chance.  I'm so glad I just tied my hair back in the bath!  You'd think for more than £200 a night they could afford a decent shower!

Every inch of our room was spotless, not a bit of dust in sight.  I always love staying in clean venues!  As well as being a beautiful room, it was nice and quiet too.  We had neighbours really close to us but we didn't hear them at all.  The whole hotel was beautiful; full of old paintings, antique furniture and 100% extravagance!

The Valentines package included a 3 course dinner and a live band afterwards. I was so disappointed when the menu only had 3 main meals but none of them were vegetarian.  I felt too embarrassed to ask for a different meal (staff were running about mad trying to serve people) so I just ordered the steak and gave it to Kas.  I had crusty, dried in mash and veggies for dinner.  Not exactly fit for a Queen... I'm glad Kas and I took some crisps with us for the drive home!  Staff gave us loads of free wine but we didn't drink much of it because we're vodka drinkers haha!  The live band was great and I definitely enjoyed listening to their covers of all my favourite love songs.  

Overall, I adored my night away and I felt so spoilt!  Kas was so sweet to take me overnight and it made my Valentines presents to him seem rubbish in comparison!  The shower and the meal did spoil it though, which is such a shame!  We had a great night despite this and would even consider it as a wedding venue - if they put on a decent menu!  If you want to feel like royalty for a night then you should 100% visit Atholl Palace Hotel.

Update on Napoli

A lot of my Twitter followers love when I post stories and pictures about Napoli so I think I'll post more about her on here. The first post about here is located here if you want to read!

I've had her since August now so she'll be about 7 months old, my girl is growing up fast! She was the runt of the litter when I got her, literally half the size of her sisters. Since i brought her home, she has doubled in size and outgrown 2 cages! She's now living in a cage designed for indoor rabbits of Guinea Pigs. This cage is about 1 meter long and half a meter wide. She's the most spoilt hammy I know! I rearrange her cage once a week to keep her little mind stimulated by her surroundings. Hammys can get bored very easily; people think little animals are stupid / don't need toys etc but they really do need constant stimulation or they'll get depressed. I hate seeing hamsters in tiny cages with only a bed and a wheel, it's like us being stuck in a tiny bedroom all day.

Napoli is such a happy, sweet natured little hamster. She never bites and is always jumping on my hand for attention. She loves running about mad in her ball and playing in her little play pen. She's worked out how to get over the play pen walls and open the panels apart so I have to watch her like a hawk when she's in it. Other things that make her happy include: lettuce leaves, monkey nuts, toilet roll tubes and digging.

She's honestly the cutest little thing! I love her so much, she makes me smile every day.

Rio UV Nail Extensions Kit Review

Today I am talking about my new nail equipment, the Rio UV Nail Extensions kit* which is available to buy from beautyexpert.com.  The Beauty expert website stock a whole range of Rio products, which you can see here.

As you all know I love having polished, pretty looking nails.  I love having long, healthy nails and covering them in a lovely polish or drawing a cute design on them.   You also might know that I am a scientist and spend half of my life wearing latex gloves and as a result my nails are weak and brittle. For over two years now, I keep my nails covered in gel polish or have extensions on.  This nail extension kit gives the best of both worlds; i can add extensions (giving length and strength) while my natural nail grows underneath.

This nail set allows me to cut out the faff of going to the nail salon; it feels great being able to do my nail extensions at home!  The kit itself comes with a U.V lamp, clear UV gel, 100 natural extension tips, finishing wipe, grit file, sanding block, nail slicer, cuticle pusher, nail glue, application brush and step-by-step DVD . The nail glue had leaked a little in the box but it is easy to buy in beauty shops.

In one of the pictures above, you can see how my nails look with natural extensions on and examples of how they look polished.   I love wearing polish over extensions because it is almost un-chipable and it lasts for around 2 weeks.   I find that my infills need done at around 2 weeks, when my natural nail grows in.

The kit itself is good quality and I will definitely use it a lot.  I pay between £20 and £30 for a set of extensions plus polish, then £10 every 2 weeks for an infill...  This isn't cheap longterm!  This little set cuts out all of that money, and costs less than 3 sets of nails, what a bargain!  I know not everyone spends a lot on their nails but this one-off payment is definitely worth it to have beautiful nails all the time.  When I have my nails done I feel more put-together and I just feel better all round to be honest.

If you haven't had nail extensions before or are unsure how to do them, there is a step by step DVD guide with the Rio Extensions set.  They explain it much better than I ever could!  I will say though; it can be tricky doing your own nails at first but once you master it, you will love it!   I love my Rio Set and I'm really glad I can give myself extension manis from now on.

Olexy Production / Olexy Group : A Warning To Customers

As you all know, I recently went to an event and had my photo taken with my idol Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The post on this can be found here.  This event was hosted by a company that goes by Olexy Group or Olexy Productions.  The name has been changed between the two recently.

As I said in my post about meeting Arnie, Olexy are an absolute shit-storm of rude staff, incompetence and all round useless-ness.  Oh, and they like squeezing every last penny out of customers too.

Let me start:  when my boyfriend and I were looking at Arnie tickets and deciding which ones to buy (there were varying prices / seat locations / add ons) I emailed the company and they got back to me instantly.  They were polite and answered my questions on the dinner tickets as best they could.  So far, so good.

The night in question came and let me tell you, Arnie was sensational.  Funny, engaging and all-round amazing.  The staff / running of the event was a half-arsed mess.  I'm going to list a few ways in which they failed:
  1.  The table I sat at (number 28) was a massive dinner table, silver priced tickets £195 and seated 10 people.  Seats were double-booked and nobody seemed to want to fix it.  3, yes 3, different couples turned up with the same seat numbers.  Two of these couples noticed very early on and notified staff.  Staff were nowhere to be seen until the third couple showed up.  Two ladies were upgraded from silver seats to a gold-seated table.  Fair enough, everybody makes mistakes right?  But Olexy didn't make just one mistake...
  2. To meet Schwarzenegger, any couple who paid for photo tickets (£500) were asked to queue up - fair enough right?  Well, the queue in question took around one hour in a red hot corridor.  I would like to think that it was approved by health and safety officials.... but all those people stuck in a corridor?  'Fire Hazard' comes to mind.
  3. At the end of the corridor from hell we came in to a big room.  Olexy staff told us to leave any and all possessions in that room, we were not allowed to take them into the next room where Arnie was.  So I left my coat, jacket, shoes (they were hurting me), bag containing car keys, bank cards etc.  I thought I'd get them all back after the photo, right?  Nope, I was told to move along and I could collect them when staff were less busy.  Firstly - no.  Secondly - no.  That stuff of mines was worth a small fortune.  Thankfully my boyfriend went back and was insistent.  I'm also glad all of my things were still there when he was eventually let into the room.
  4. As we were getting our photos done, the staff were completely and unnecessarily rude.  My boyfriend went first and I was told to put my phone away by a male Olexy staff member - ok, I put it away.  I peeked around the man (he was blocking my view) and he said to me "I don't have time for this shit".  What shit, you twat?  Me looking at my boyfriend shaking Arnolds hand?  My guess?  He has a small penis and felt threatened by my gorgeous boyfriend and handsome Arnold.
  5. After the photo, we were sent into another roasting hot corridor to wait for our photos being printed off.  Another fire hazard?  Probably.
  6. After an hour, we arrived at the stand to collect our photos. On the website - a screenshot pictured below - it says that photo tickets are entitled to our framed copy of the photo, a second copy printed free and a free digital copy.  We were refused a second printed copy as they didn't have time.  Hmm, bit shit.  It also says 'free goodybag'.  Who knows what happened to that but we certainly didn't get one.
  7. After the event, my boyfriend and I went to the website to download our free digital copy - only to see that the website was charging £15 per photo.  Eh, wait a minute, £30 for two photos that are meant to be free?!  Not on!  So emailed them and I tweeted them.  You can see those tweets below.  Not pictured: the tweet where I said that all photo guests were rushed through when meeting Arnold.
This is a screen grab from their website.  It clearly states that we are entitiled to two photos and a free digital copy.  Plus the non-existing goody bag.

I tweeted Olexy the next day and just basically asked 'hey, why aren't the digital copies free?!'.  I was ignored for 6 days.  My email was also ignored.  

So I tweeted them again, 6 days later, something that the twat behind the twitter didn't like!  This was the response I got, a cheeky private mail.  Why was that necessary?  They could have replied something like 'sorry it has been a few days, we will get to you soon'.  They had time in those 6 days to tweet a lot, so who knows why they couldn't reply to me or email me back.

After I put their cheeky private mail into a public tweet, they mailed me privately again.  Note:  I got a link for my photos in a later tweet, you can see that below.  So the tweet sent at 13:34 saying "we've sent you a link and yet your still posting things" is a figment of their imagination, I didn't receive a link on twitter or by email at that point.

I cannot believe they blocked me!  Isn't that really pathetic?  And embarrassing?  And a little bit funny?  Olexy Whatever-your-second-name-is, for the third time, you guys need a lesson in manners.  They cost nothing!

My thoughts on whoever deals with their Twitter?  What a cunt :)