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Saturday, 7 July 2018

My Boston photo diary

The next installment of my American photo diary is Boston! I really liked this city and wished that we had more time to spend there as we didn’t get through everything that Kas and I wanted to do.

While we were in America, my friend Jess and her husband Joe took us to Boston to show us the sights, along with Jessicas sister Carmen. We left early in the morning and shoutout to Joe for driving! This was on our 3rd day and we were still jetlagged so we had a little snooze in the car.

When we got to Boston Jessica had arranged for us to visit the big aquarium there and I enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful fish and animals. We spent the full day laughing at the Spanish word for seal, I loved the focas! I like watching fishes swim and looking at their pretty colours, I find it oddly relaxing.

We wanted to go out into the water because the marina was lovely but it started pouring from the heavens so we gave it a miss and walked through the indoor market instead. One regret that I have from my America is that I didn’t buy myself a Boston hoodie from the market! I loved it but thought ‘oh I might come back to it’ and I didn’t. Is a hoodie enough of an excuse to go back again?

We had a walk around the city and if you know me, you’ll know I love architecture and all that sorta stuff so I really enjoyed soaking in the sights. I love the style of buildings in Boston! We made a beeline for the Cheers bar because I remember watching it when I was young, we even raided the gift store to buy some stuff for my dad. Kas and I went back to our apartment that night and had a few drinks while we watched Cheers on American Netflix, he’s now a fan too!

Unsurprisingly, my favourite part of Boston is little Italy. It’s like food heaven being squeezed into a small space! We ate at Beneventos and I could eat in there every day if I could! I stuffed my face and you could have rolled me out of there! Joe was a bad influence and he tempted Kas and I into having a few shots to toast our holiday! The waitress kept them coming and I honestly don’t know how I didn’t end up drunk.

A great time was had in Boston and I would really love to visit again because there is so muc that we didn't have time to do! I need more pasta and I need to complete all the Boston things off my list. Have you ever been to Boston?  If so, what were your favourite things to do?

Cineworld VIP Expierience Review

I’ve been meaning to do this review for ages but it’s finally here! I get asked a lot of questions about this in my ‘real life’ so I thought I’d do a post for everyone!


Dadi Oil Review - the best nail oil ever

Today I want to give you some nail advice!  I'm not the biggest beauty blogger any more because I tend to stick to the same products but I've not reviewed this one yet so here we go!


Saturday, 19 May 2018

My Rome photo diary

Hi everyone! My recent trip to Rome was amazing and I wanted to show you guys what I got up to! Rome is my favourite city in the entire world and I am so glad I got to return with Kas.  It had been years since I went with my best friend so I was looking forward to going back to the eternal city! The weather averaged out to be 29°C every day we were there so it was a bit too hot for me but I managed to get around without getting too sunburnt.


Friday, 18 May 2018

200 SVS Spa review

 For our anniversary Kas and I wanted to have a spa day and chill out for a bit so we found a Groupon deal for 200 SVS and booked in. We booked for the day after we returned from Rome because we knew that we would be nackered after walking around the city for 4 days.


Monday, 16 April 2018

Tips for a short break in Milan

After my recent trip to Milan I wanted to share some tips for having a hassle free break:

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